Fallout in the Real World: The Real Action Abe??


Over Valentine’s/President’s Day Weekend, one of our QA guys, Brent Krische, made a trip down to President’s Park in Williamsburg, VA — where he spotted this Abraham Lincoln doll.

Look familiar? Brent thought so, and wondered if it was an inspiration for the Action Abe figure in Fallout 3’s “Head of State” quest. After seeing both, I went to Action Abe’s creator, Artist Tony Greco, to see if the in-game figure was a tribute to this real-life doll. Here’s what he had to say…

“No, never been to Williamsburg or heard of the park. Sounds like a good trip though.

I was in ‘one of those goofy moods’ the day I had to make Abraham related stuff and thought Abraham Lincoln would be far more awesome with a katana. I wanted to take it a lot further with Rebel destroying grenades or something… but that wouldn’t match the kind of toys you’d see in the 50’s and 60’s.”

There ya go…myth debunked. Unfortunately, it looks like you’re not supposed to touch this Action Abe at President’s Park. Would have been funny if someone handed him a Katana.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmmm, I still say that he saw Aqua Teen Hungerforce and thought that it was awesome. I think it’s awesome, and on the subject of rebels why aren’t there any muskets in Point Lookout? Hell it would have made a lot of sense…you guys could make a dlc to put the Museum of Ordinance in and add a bunch of new weapons!! Sigh, the hope of a devoted fan that would love to see a dream come true. A weapons pack dlc that adds a small new area to the eastern part of of the DC ruins would be so nice…I got off topic! Samurai Abe is still epic though!!!

  2. Wow talk about universal synchronicity. He looks just like the honourable President Abraham Lincoln doll in FALLOUT 3.

    Thanks for the interesting read and yes it was mega cool finding him in the game along with all the other goodies around him 😀

  3. [no sooner did i read this then did I find this in game

    Left by mike on February 28th, 2010 ]

    Same here but just..before reading.

  4. You’d think muskets would be fun, until you remember it takes a full minute to reload them and that they’re horribly inaccurate at more than 200 yards. Unless it shot out bullets made from a mixture of unobtanium, t-rex farts, and lasers, it wouldn’t be any fun to use in combat.