Curious about New Vegas: Europe’s got you covered (Updated with new covers)


Over the past couple weeks, we’ve shared some of the magazine covers coming out for Fallout: New Vegas, and I thought I’d share this one with you — it’s the latest issue of LEVEL, a Turkish magazine that came out this week.

In addition to LEVEL, here’s a few European mags to be on the lookout for:.

  • PC Games in Germany came out Feb 20th.
  • Joystick in France came out Feb 16th.
  • WinGiochi in Italy came out last week.
  • PC Gamer in Sweden come out March 2nd.
  • 576 Kbyte in Hungary came out 22nd Feb.
  • OXM in Australia came out Feb 18th.
  • Pelit in Finland hit newsstands this week.

As more coverage for New Vegas hits newsstands, we’ll keep you updated. After the Break, check out the other magazine covers.


Joystick (France)

Germany_PC Games cover.jpg

PC Games (Germany)

Hungary_576 kbyte Fallout Cover.jpg

576 (Hungary)

Nordic_PC Games.jpg

PC Gamer (Sweden)


WinGiochi (Italy)

    Australia_OXM cover.jpg

    Official Xbox Magazine (Australia)

Pelit 3-2010 - 1(4).jpg

Pelit (Finland)

Czech_ZOOM Score mag-1.jpg

ZOOM (Czech Republic)

Reader Comments

  1. Wow nice covers. They have that full of energy early 1990s PC GAMER/COMPUTER WORLD electricity to them. Favorite is the LEVEL cover which fits in perfectly with the current retro mood of the FALLOUT series.

    Thanks for the art 😀

  2. Man why can’t usa get cover stories like this. all we get is pc gamer, and they haven’t even updated their website.

  3. I’ll shurelly have that game, but I have a question and this goes for the Bethesda Games, Is there any chance that you can make a Fallout game that can be played in two player mode at least online or make an add-on for the previous game Fallout GOTY?

  4. Co-op you mean? Yeah that would be nice, Borderlands has shown that people will put up with crappy ugly graphics(they lost me when they changed it from the dank dark look that made it look so much better) just to play with other people. Fallout 4 with a vehicle and 2 or 4 other people, dont get in out way!!

  5. Wait? so this game will have Co-Op? because like Maccy said that borderlands nailed Co-Op play and they did. The original Fallout that was going to be developed by Black Isles was going to feature Co-Op and since New Vegas is getting ideas from Van Buren (Original Fallout 3)

    Anyways can’t wait to see how this game goes. But please NO VEHICHLES!

  6. @Nick-Olas
    Naw F:NV isnt going to have co-op. I think I saw a multiplayer or co-op thing in the Van Buren techdemo, that must be why it want turn based. Vehicles would be great, think of it. Motorcycle gangs roaming around, not a lot of them mind you but enough to make you listen for the sounds, and BOS or NCR vehicles picking up scavenged tech(never understood why you couldnt tell anyone about the aliens. A jet pack that is used to get to certain places, have power armor on to be epic.

  7. I’m so happy that I visited here today (been a while since my last visit). After saw Turkish version of Level is covering Fallout: New Vegas I just ran to the store but unfortunately none were left. Going to expand my search in 1-2 hours. Thanks a lot for this valuable information Bethesda.

  8. “No kangoroo in Austria”

    Or, to put it an other way… Australia is far away from Europe ^^

    (and : “yes, it’s totally out of the point”)