Big Brink Murals in the Wild

A number of outlets received massive, mural-length Brink posters in the mail this week. Yes, they are super cool. No, they are not for sale — but there is a chance to win one if you live in the UK.

PC Gamer UK is offering their poster to one lucky participant in its latest contest. Head over to the site for information on how to enter. They also shot a quick video (shown above) to show off the scale of the thing. Impressive, no?

And if you don’t win, you can at least admire the artwork — and the challenge of hanging it — by way of pictures from the following outlets: OXM UK, GamingOnly, GamingXP, Xbox 360 Achievements, PS3 Trophies,  and

If you run across any more sightings of the monstrous murals, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Reader Comments

  1. I would like one. Have it hanging on the way that you see as soon as you come into my house. Of course I will have poster of Fallout 3 and Bioshock 2 up as well…and the giant poster for AVATAR as well…

  2. Ye gads thats diesal homicidal huge! Thank goodness it doesnt talk or play music like some gift cards.

    Praise the extreme! It makes the toil of life seem relaxing.

  3. i keep seeing awesome prizes yet none so far are available for most people (by most people i mean me).
    would be nice to have more prize draws for more countrys

  4. I first saw this on XBOX360Achievements.Org since they also received one, they were nice enough to post a picture so you can zoom in and look at the background in detail.