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  1. Nice frontal shot with the menacing face and sword like wielding of Death’s gun.

    Thank you for more art 😀

  2. Cute that you still think that a lot of people actually get most of their gaming information from magazines. Perhaps the fact that they are scanned onto the internet just as soon as they are available might tell you something about where most of the readership is. Oh well, I suppose the online sites will be getting their previews a little later on anyway.

  3. got my copy in the mail today. found it more informative than the playstation article. yes, it includes 3 gamer pics on the disc. im really excited about the changes theyre making to the gameplay and also glad how much is staying the same. i really cannot wait for this game to arrive. already pre ordered from amazon!

  4. Did anyone preorder it last year? I finally remembered to preorder RAGE in January after preordering New Vegas at Gamestop. I cant wait to play both games!! Any new info in the article? Or is it the same stuff from the UK version?

  5. I hope there wont be power armor ;3

    desert armor looks great :3

    looking forward to playing fallout created by black isl**Obsidian