TESting Wrap-up: Snakes on a Calendar


It was a tough week here on TESting Your Knowledge. First, the Elder Scrolls trivia we posed to you last Friday:

When the sun rises near one of the constellations, it is that constellation’s season. Each constellation has a season of approximately one month. There are twelve months, and thirteen constellations. Which month does the serpent belong too?

As many of you wisely detected, this was one of those nasty trick questions. In fact, the serpent belongs to no month; according to The Imperial Library, “The Serpent has no season, for it moves about in the heavens, usually threatening one of the other Constellations.”

Our big winner this week was Katy Grove of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. A signed copy of Greg Keyes’ “The Infernal City” to her, and a thanks to those that entered. Check back on Friday for the next chance to play.

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