Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame — February


The latest Hall of Fame mods (from February) have been announced at Planet Elder Scrolls. Here’s a look at the six newest inductees — including two Oblivion mods from Centurion.

Morrowind Mods

  • Animal Realism by Sal Maker: Released way back in May of 2002, Animal Realism is a simple modification that allows for more believable animal behaviour (i.e. less suicidal rats, fish, cliff racers, etc.)
  • Silverware Enhancer by GhostNull: Like my apartment after registering at Williams Sonoma, this plugin replaces the standard in-game silverware items with reflective and higher-poly versions.
  • SWG’s Skies v3 by starwarsguy9875: This mod s the day and night skies, the Dwemer observatory sky, the moons, and adds something Oblivion players have had for a while; beaming sunglare. Go ahead and stare directly into the sun in the image above…I won’t tell.

Oblivion Mods

  • Castle Highrock by Centurion: This plugin adds a buyable Castle and a small village a few steps west of Bruma. This is where Queen Amidala stays when she visits Cyrodiil.
  • Castle Dunkerlore by Centurion: This plugin adds a Castle on its own island located in the “Topal Bay”, meant as a player’s home and can be obtained by doing a short quest. Sounds like a good place for Dumbledore to frequent, but after a blow out with He-Man, he’s been banished from the premises.
  • Exnem female Body Replacer (Reloaded) by Exnem (Creator) / MasterNetra (Uploader): I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

Congrats to all for their contributions to the Elder Scrolls modding community.

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