TESting Wrap-up: Wabbajacks Hunted


Alright. So we may have lost our bet. Somebody out there knew the author of Daggerfall’s “Wabbajack.” In fact, a lot of you did. Okay, almost all of you.

To recap, here’s what we asked last Friday:

In Daggerfall, there is a book titled “Wabbajack” which is a first hand account of the summoning of Sheogorath. Even though it’s credited to “Anonymous,” who wrote it?

Tadd Brooket of Onsted, MI correctly answered Emperor Pelagius Septim III, or “Pelagius the Mad.” The book itself contains a helpful clue: “Then why, or wherefore do people keep calling me mad?”

A copy of “The Infernal City” goes to Tadd. As always, thanks to everyone that entered. The next question will be up on Friday.

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