TESting Your Knowledge Volume X: Yokuda Been A Contender


Welcome back to TESting Your Knowledge, the weekly game show where we test both your knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore and your tolerance for bad puns.

On this week’s episode, we have a real cooker of a question regarding the Redguard:

What was the Yokudan name of the first batallion of Redguard soldiers that set foot in Hammerfell?

If you have the answer, you could win a fabulous signed copy of Greg Keyes’ Elder Scrolls novel “The Infernal City.”

Contest rules and instructions on how to enter follow.

TESting Your Knowledge – Contest Rules

  1. Send your answer to [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name, email address, and mailing address.
  2. Only one entry per person. The first submitted answer will be your official entry, additional entries will be removed and not considered for the random drawing.
  3. All entries must be received by 11:59 pm EST on Monday, March 22, 2010. Any entries submitted after the Cutoff Date will not be considered.
  4. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing of correct answers received by the Cutoff Date.
  5. All participants must be 18 or older to enter and verification may be required before winner is announced.
  6. The winner will get a copy of The Infernal City signed by Greg Keyes.

Reader Comments

  1. Bad puns the way of glorious inspiration! The words of power of things Warhammer 40k and Elder Scrolls!

    Ooo sweet map!Copied and pasted for my vast ever growing collection of cd art. Thanks! 😀

  2. [PUNS!

    Left by Popular Energy Drink on March 19th, 2010 ]

    And bunny buns in the sun having fun as time runs after the winter season has rung!

    [Given the nature of ‘da internets’ this trivia stuff is pretty easy…

    Left by Sevrin on March 19th, 2010 ]

    Yes it would take lore master to answer these questions and am not the type to cheat by looking it up. So i stand aside and let the Lorists do their magic.

  3. Whoever made the map misspelled “Isle” in Sumurset (which I believe is an alternate speling, but acceptable) Isle as “Ilse”. Good job ;).