What we’re playing: War Paint edition


Like a number of other folks, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of God of War 3. After a week on the road, I made sure to pick up a copy before coming home tonight. But as anxious as I am to play it, I’m also glued to the opening round of the NCAA Tourament. As I write this up, a number of devs are painting their faces red like Kratos in preparation for Maryland’s opening game. Good luck to them, and everyone else with their alma mater in the dance.

Let us know what you’re playing, who you’re rooting for, and if you’re a face painter too.

Dan Ross: Finishing up Darksiders and checking out Prototype while I wait for GoW3 and FF13.

Rick Vicens: Tropico 3 and Uncharted 2.

Matt Grandstaff: Madden 10, Borderlands, and God of War III.

Daryl Brigner: APB Beta, Metro 2033, and possibly God of War 3 if there’s time.

Natalie Gausden: Prince of Persia and Plants vs Zombies iPhone.

Ryan Jenkins: Really digging the Saboteur, and still working my way through Darksiders (I play games slowly…).

Greg Ruddick: Oblivion, Uncharted 2, and inFamous.

Michael Lattanzia: Monster Hunter Tri Demo! (I can’t wait! My favorite series ever!), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC), StarCraft 2 Beta, Entropia Universe, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Brett Douville, Jet to the Lag: Bayonetta, The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom, and coaching a whole lotta baseball.

Brent Krische: Endless Ocean: Blue World, Ace Attorney: Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and Mega Man 10

Aaron Mitschelen: Borderlands and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Caedmon Somers: Battlefield: Bad Combany 2.

Shane Liesegang: God of War III and Heavy Rain. These games could not be more different.

Dane Olds: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising, Lord of Ultima, and Space Miner.

Rob Bartholomew: Bad Company 2 and the excellent Torchlight.

Sam Bernstein: More Final Fantasy XIII (still on disc 2, I guess I have a long way to go), maybe I’ll open up Mass Effect 2?

Shannon Bailey: Mass Effect and Final Fantasy XIII.

Michael Musick: God of War III.

Greg Hounsom: God Of War III and Chrono Trigger.

Pete Hines: Bioshock 2, Madden 10, PvZ iPhone, and God of War III.

Devin Winters: Borderlands, Borderlands DLC, and Metro 2033.

Andrew Scharf: Final Fantasy 13, Plants vs. Zombies, and SC2 Beta.

Jon Paul Duvall: Mass Effect 2 and BFBC2.

Justin Schram: Final Fantasy XIII.

Jason Bergman: Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2.

Matt Ponton: Aion and Dead or Alive++.

Alistair Hatch: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ALL WEEKEND! Only a top of the table clash for my (real) football team on Sunday will drag me away.

Andrew Chang: Final Fantasy XIII and maybe God of War III during the cutscenes?

Craig Lafferty: The Angry, Angry, ANGRY man game (God of War 3) and the blow stuff up game (Bad Company 2 MP).

Richard Lambert: Final Fantasy 13 and Starcraft 2 Beta (boy do I suck!).

Megan Sawyer: Pokemon Soul Silver and Alice in Wonderland — both on my DS.

Orin Tresnjak: Heavy Rain and Rabbids Go Home.

Jeff Senita: Madden 10.

Reader Comments

  1. [Rick Vicens: Tropico 3 and Uncharted 2.

    Great scott! Just when i thought my game purchases for the year were over til FALLOUT NEW VEGAS you reminded me about TROPICO 3 Mr.Vicens 😀 Still playing TROPICO 2 so it will be interesting how different 3 is from what i’ve read of reviews on it.

    Been a good two weeks of new gaming purchases for me as am enjoying the reality pleasuring tension neutralising stimuli of:

    METRO 2033

    Also enjoying the heart exploding body shattering shocking unreality of a PumaMan modded MORROWIND with such wily crafty mod works as:


  2. Not really a sports fan, but I’ve been playing a bit of the APB beta. Also some Crysis, and today started some pen-and-paper DnD.

  3. I’m replaying Mass Effect 2 from just after the loyalty missions using 360 Gamer’s excellent Masterclass guide – which claims to help you “leave no man behind”. We shall see! 🙂

    Also, more Torchlight, more Fallout 3, and my flash game of the week: the awesome Crush the Castle

  4. Playing Metro 2033 and Oblivion. Metro is AMAZING!! Definitely worth that 50 bucks. Oblivion is getting so addictive….huntsmen vest on a high elf….so ashamed!;)

  5. Playing Fallout 3 with a huge quantity of mods! And I’m going to get Metro 2033 tomorrow. And playing Dragon Age 😀

  6. [Tropico 3 has been awesome. It’s a more like the original, which I loved. Damn rebels keep trying to overthrow me.

    Left by Rick Vicens on March 22nd, 2010 ]

    Yes thats what i read i think on the GAMESPOT review. I never played the original sinced it seemed a bit too political and i got abstract strategy vibes out of it looking at the screenshots as if it might play like the early 1990s POWERMONGER. Now that am more..intelligent i shall scream MONKEEEE!!! and grab TROPICO 3 at the nearest opportunity or is that tree vine?

    Still playing WARHAMMER 40k CHAOS RISING. Talk about epic! Not only is the gameplay stunning but the storyline is worthy of a novel or sci-fi mystery/war movie. Rich beyond words.

    Did run into a blimey glitch against the Daemon Nurgle where i was shooting him for two hours real time only to have his health recharge then after wittling away his health to near death it just froze and never went down. Eventually he killed off my squad so i’ll have to try a few other strategy options and weapon combos. Hopefully its just a one time glitch. Reminds me of when my brother inlaw played HALF LIFE and the last boss was not taking damage for three hours. Eventually after a reboot he killed him in ten minutes 😀 Cant wait for the 2.2 patch for CHAOS RISING.

    Also playing DIVINITY 2 DRACONIS EGO which is fantastic and has everything i could want in a rpg. Finally an rpg to be captivated by as much as The Elder Scrolls.