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  1. Me: I’m having a few problems with Alistair. I just … don’t think he’s very interested in me. 🙁
    Kateri: Well, did you give him his mother’s amulet?
    Me: Uhh … no, was I supposed to?
    Kateri: Well, yeah! You didn’t sell it, did you?
    Me: I don’t think I have it. Where do I get it?
    Kateri: It’s in the Arl’s desk.
    Me: Wait, I’m supposed to just go rummaging through his stuff? Who does that?
    Kateri: You really don’t get RPGs, do you?
    Me: But that’s just so … rude!

  2. Ha! I always half expect someone to yell “thief!” as I root through their belongings. (And in Oblivion’s case, that can happen.) But usually I just stroll through cleaning out anything I can possibly use or sell, and don’t even get a mutter from some hapless NPC.

  3. @ Ankh unless they’re Bethesda games. I think that’s why I’m trained out of stealing stuff – because the first RPG I played was Morrowind. In Oblivion, I tried to steal a lettuce, and turned around to find the owner standing behind me with a VERY put-out expression on his face. I don’t think I’d have been invited back.