New Vegas poster winners


Back when the Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer was revealed, we kicked off a contest for folks to have chance to win a New Vegas poster signed by the developers at Obsidian Entertainment. Before we send the posters to the winners (more on that in a second), I thought I’d share how they turned out. The Obsidian team seems to have mastered the art of signing posters — it’s got monsters, Vault Boy, and no smudges. Nice work, guys!

Congrats to Jessica Duncan and Louis Gonzalez on winning via Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Your posters should be on the way soon!

Reader Comments

  1. I had no idea about this contest! 🙁 Stupid me…. I need to visit the site more. This used to be my #1 spot during Fallout 3.

  2. Who the heck wrote all over this masterpiece of gaming doomsday poster art? Who? Who? and why do i go Moo like a cow? How now brown cow?

    Congratulations to the fortunate winner and thanks to Bethesda Blog for putting up a saveable screenshot of this great poster for use as a desktop 🙂

  3. Is there a way to buy an unsigned version of this poster without having to win anything? I would happily order one or twenty of these things up!

  4. im doing an enormous drawing for Fallout New Vegas, i want to know how i could get it signed, maybe send it in so the guys from obsidian could see what i can do, i’d like them to know how much i love fallout 😀

  5. Who is that guy in the poster? The one with the awesome suit. Can you meet him in the game? I hope someone will answer my questions D: