Around the Web: Hunted interviews edition (Updated)


No joke, we’ve got plenty of new coverage to share — including a number of new interviews on Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

We’ll start at Gamerzines. They have a two part interview (1, 2) with Brian Fargo that’s worth checking out. You can also read their preview on the game by downloading PS3Zine #37.

You can find more Brian Fargo interviews at X360 Achievements and GameReactor. Additionally, new previews for the game are up at Atomic Gamer and Gaming Angels. Here’s an excerpt from the former:

“For a game that’s coming near the end of this year, Hunted already looks very polished, with great animations, solid fighting situations, and interesting tactics as the two fighters take advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.”

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As you know, we’ve been tracking our progress in The Escapist’s March Mayhem Developer’s Showdown. Our run to the Final Four ended at the hands of Valve. Thanks to everyone that voted and good luck to the remaining developers.

While these screens aren’t high res, I thought I’d share this blog that includes some great framing on moments from Fallout 3’s DLC. I particularly enjoyed this one from Point Lookout.


Finally, a couple weeks back I visited Kotaku and noticed this Hardcore Gamer’s IQ Test — originally posted by shadow502t at DeviantArt. See if you can find all the Bethesda references — including 20 Bobbleheads!

Updated: Looks like our April Fool’s Joke from last year got some love over at 1Up — today they ran a feature called Top Game Site April Fools Pranks, which included the fun we had with Oblivion’s Horse Armor last year.

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