Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame — March Entries


APY at Planet Elder Scrolls has announced the latest Hall of Fame mods. Get these installed…stat!

Oblivion Mods

  • First Person Sitting Perspective Fix by Kirel: Now when you sit down in first-person mode, the camera will follow your movement.
  • Dark Green Glass Armor by Ohanzee: This mod gives a new look to glass armor — featuring a dark green tint.
  • Hoarfrost Castle by Antistar: A new castle mod (pictured above) that features an outstanding view over the Great Forest, the Heartlands, and the Nibenay basin: from Bruma, to Chorrol – to the Imperial City.

Morrowind Mods

  • Ren’s Oblivion Hair for Morrowind by Kateri: With the help of some friends, Kateri adds lots of new hair for all human and elf races.
  • Bottle Replacer by Qarl: Replaces the 15 bottle meshes in Morrowind with better meshes and textures.
  • Daemon Race Beta by Oriphier: This mod introduce three races of Daemons to Morrowind.

See you next month for more HOF entries…

Reader Comments

  1. It’s good to see the Oblivion modding community still active after four years. There’s a lot of frustration in it but there’s a certain magic about modding a TES game…. That castle looks like a professional job, I may check it out…

  2. Yes Hoarfrost Castle is beyond words in description. Really feels complete with nothing missing. Reminds me of the hugeness of TES 2 DAGGERFALL but with the hand placed love of MORROWIND. The dungeon areas are monolithic epic. Thanks to all for bringing this to the attention of more fans 😀

  3. hey i havent used any mods but im lookin for some help. i bought an x-box 360 elite and the game of the year edition. and when i go to load my game it says its loading extra content. but during the actual game play i never recieve the update that the strange island has arisen on Nibina bay. i’ve beat the main staory line, and it still hasnt shown up. is their somethin im missin?

  4. R.H to get there it should automatically be in your quest log. Then make active quest and map marker. Good luck