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As many TV seasons wind down for the year (or for good…farewell Lost and 24), I thought I’d ask folks what they’re watching (or planning to watch) these days — whether it’s on their TV, at the theaters, on their PC, or for some, even on their iPad.

Here’s some of our current favorites…

Dennis Mejillones: Watching Clash of the Titans remake, Lost cuz it’s the greatest show ever, and Ponyo.. oh yeah and of course South Park

Jonah Lobe: Watching “Lost,” “The Pacific,” “Life,” John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

Ryan Lea: Chuck, Community, and Castle.

Rob Havlovick: Ready to follow Lost through to the bitter end, ready to laugh at 30 Rock, and ready for action in The Pacific.

Matt Ponton: Most likely doing a Rocky 1 – 6 marathon. Yes, including the fifth *shudder* one.

Craig Lafferty: Clash of the Titans, Justified, anything I can watch on the iPad.

Steve Perkins: LOST, Fantastic Mr. Fox and How to Train Your Dragon with the little ones, and Spartacus (definitely not with the little one!).

Pete Hines: Working through my Netflix queue, Family Guy, The Pacific, the Final Four (in person!), Caps vs Bruins (in person!), and House.

Aaron Mitschelen: Various backlogged anime: Pumpkin Scissors, Berserk, Gunslinger Girl II: Il Teatrino, and too many more.

Matt Grandstaff: Winding down on Lost and 24, laughing my way through South Park, Life on Discovery, hopefully getting a chance to see Clash of the Titans, and loving the iPad.

Ryan Salvatore: Season 3 of both Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Andy Chang: Breaking Bad, The Pacific, Hot Tub Time Machine.

Caedmon Somers: Final seasons of Lost and 24, and NHL playoff races.

Dan Ross: Vegas themed – Vegas Vacation, The Hangover, Leaving Las Vegas, Ocean’s 11+, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and What Happens in Vegas.

Peter Sokal: Making my second run through The Shield, influenced by the other show I’m watching: Justified. I wish I had HBO so I could add The Pacific to my list L

Ryan Jenkins: Currently on Netflix: Doctor Who Season 4, Mad Men Season 3, 30 Rock Season 3, and Sunshine.

Mike Lipari: Spaced, maybe Alice in Wonderland 3D or Clash of the Titans 2D if I can make it to a theater.

Laffy Taylor: Yo Gabba Gabba and  Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Nick Brecken: StarCraft II matches on Team Liquid. “An Education” with the lady. Streaming Netflix on my new iPad (hopefully).

Joseph Mueller: Gearing for some Sam Worthington action with Clash of the Titans tonight. I’ve been catching up on 30 Rock and Lost for the most part. This week’s theme for movies was French horror films (Martyrs, Frontier(s), High Tension)!

Orin Tresnjak: Random episodes of South Park on my PSP on the plane to Tokyo. Awesome.

Regi Jacob: Lost, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Pixar’s Cars and Finding Nemo over and over again (The Thaiphoon is addicted).

Justin Schram: Trying to get caught up on Dr. Who before the new season starts

Michael Musick: Finally breaking out Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance trilogy on blu-ray and possibly a trip to see Clash of the Titans.

Andrew Meggs: Finishing my second watching of The Wire and counting down to Treme…

Jeff Senita: True Blood, Long Way Round tv series, (hopefully) Clash of the Titans – and maybe head to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival in Dallas

Adam Adamowicz: Terry Jones: Medieval Lives, and BBC History: The Warriors, Sealab 2021, Season 2, Ian McCaig, Visual Storytelling, Drew Struzan Creates the Hellboy Poster Art, and Aliens: Directors Cut.

Reader Comments

  1. [Joseph Mueller: Gearing for some Sam Worthington action with Clash of the Titans tonight. I’ve been catching up on 30 Rock and Lost for the most part. This week’s theme for movies was French horror films (Martyrs, Frontier(s), High Tension)! ]

    Planning on seeing Clash Of The Titans if it doesnt do any of the crazy staggered theatre hours Avatar did when it was released. Sheesh you would think for a three hour sci-fi movie they would have morning showings instead of only at the busiest crowded movie hours.

    High Tension when i first saw it was one of most unexpected horror movie sleeper hits i saw in a long time. Ever since then my horror movie indulgences have been satisfied as if it had opened the door for more darker movies instead of the soft ice creamy stuff of early 1990s movies like Scream…

    My other viewings are from places like http://www.archive.org with its huge collection of copyright free or expired movies and music. They even have the very first audio recordings ever made which go great with FALLOUT 3 😀 Just caught a ultra creepy viewing of a 1964 black and white oldie called AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL.

  2. will be watching lord of the rings trilogy on blu 😀 just recently watched toy story 1 and 2 on blu. also fell off the wagon and started another fallout 3 game :/

  3. Recently watched “Fight Club” and “American History X”. Great classics. Also planning to watch “She’s Out of My League” and “Repo Men”.

  4. X-files, Millennium, Trailer Park Boys, The Ultimate Fighter 11, and waiting for the new season of the Sons of Anarchy. Waiting for “the Expendables” to hit theaters too!