Fallout in the Real World: An underground Vault in the Mojave

This week I’ve received emails (both from folks here and throughout the community) of this NBC News video on an underground fallout shelter in the Mojave desert.

Vivos — self described as a “the ultimate underground shelter solution for surviving these uncertain times” already has plans to create shelters across the nation (no word if they’ll be known by specific numbers). According to the video, each shelter is intended to hold up to 200 people and spaces in the vault will cost around $50,000.

For more on the Vivos Underground Shelters, including pictures from within, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. I like how humans could care less about each other as to go to “The highest bidder” in a major catastrophic situation.

    It’s like they don’t understand that money wont mean anything after…. That’s why i’m collecting all my bottle and beer caps 😉

  2. I read about this yesterday and thought it was kinda dumb they will only have enough supplies for one year. Sounds like they’ll end up coming out of the vaults when everything is at its worse. If am gonna be paying $50,000 i want good five to ten extra years of living not just one. Still $50,000 is a great price for what is offered. I would have expected $500,000 to be more like it. Doesnt look like they’ll be turning a profit.

  3. Forget that! I’m not eating salsbury stake every morning! (Plus i’d probably score in the janitorial level when i take the GOAT!)

  4. Maybe after 2012, when the world is still chugging along, they can turn that into a unique kind of hotel experience. The “Marriott Post-Apocalyptic”

  5. I like the pet policy – it kind of hints at the dark nature of the whole thing and reminds me of a fallout vault:

    “Pets that are determined to be a threat or nuisance to the safety and well-being of the other members of the facility will either be removed from the facility or euthanized.”

    And as people realize there is no more law, and the limited food supplies begin to dwindle, so will begin the euthanization of the paying members, and the dark spiral into authoritarianism and the rise of the Vivos overseers =)