The First-Person Observer addresses age-old Elder Scrolls dilemma


Ever wonder what the shopkeepers of Tamriel do with the metric tons of armor you sell them? The first edition of The First-Person Observer answers this question, and more.

The Observer is the latest site designed by friend of the Bethblog Christopher Livingston. You might remember Livingston as the man behind Livin’ in Oblivion, an ambitious chronicle of the writer’s adventures in Oblivion as a hapless Nord named Nondrick. His latest outlet — delivered in the guise of an Onion-like digest — focuses on what Livingston does best: cheerfully satirizing video game devices.

I Don’t Know What I’ll Do With All This Used Armor I Keep Buying,” by simple-minded Innkeeper Bogrum Gro-Galash, explores the dark side of Oblivion’s planned economy. Give it a read here.

Reader Comments

  1. Dang nab it Livingston think of the black market for once! You could be lording it over a huge limitless underground economy right before your feet man! And lets not forget the Daedra! Cyrodiil needs arms! And they need them now! How do you think those road bandits get so bloody marvelous in their roadside attire? Hmmmm?

    Nice read from a too nice innkeeper 😀

  2. Hahaha that’s one of the most fun articles i’ve red in a long time 😀

    “He’ll buy me out of all my bread and vegetables, then stand there mashing them up with his mortar and pestle, right in front of me, and sell me back the resulting glop. ”


  3. Hahaha, very fun article 🙂 The economy in Oblivion is somewhat unfinished. It’s good that there are a mods that can greatly extend and improve the economic part of Oblivion.