A golden birthday for Morrowind


Todd shot me an email today reminding me that The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had “Gone Gold” on PC eight years ago today. You often hear the phrase “Gone Gold” in gaming, and until I started working here, I didn’t necessarily appreciate what a huge day it is for developers. It’s when a game is finalized and ready to be printed to the discs that you eventually purchase. The road to release is nearly complete (Morrowind’s release date was May 1, 2002), and it’s definitely time for celebration… and a happy hour.

So on that note, congrats to the all the devs that worked countless hours to make Morrowind possible. And thanks to all of you for playing the game — it’s amazing how the community for this game continues eight years later.

Reader Comments

  1. Get outta here? It’s been eight years already? I remember picking this up at Circuit City or Best Buy the day of release. Good times. I can’t believe I still play this game.

  2. Happy birthday Morrowind indeed (if not the release is to be considered the birthday of a game)
    Recently finished this game again. Still think it’s the best of the series. Hope TES V will be more like this than Oblivion, though definately not a clone!

  3. Happy birthday morrowind!!!!!

    8 long years and still i havnt done the main quest……. finished Trib and Bloodmoon though!

  4. I like that you guys still insist on using that little graphic of the ordinators as they *didn’t* look in the game…

    But Morrowind was indeed a fantastic game. Maybe not the best gameplay mechanics, but definitely one of the best storylines and atmospheres of any TES game.

  5. Can’t agree with DanishMIKI enough. What sucked me into morrowind was the utterly impeccable writing, which was almost completely brand-new and original and oozed from every pore of the game. I *really* hope TESV doesn’t just recycle all the old lore like Oblivion did; I want to be blown out of the water with new stuff again! :3

  6. Happy Birthday MORROWIND! The never ending rpg!

    I remember picking up the MORROWIND Collectors Edition on May 2 2002 and it was so different from DAGGERFALL it took awhile to get used to and yet i was playing it every day. I believe it was about two weeks or a month later i downloaded my first mod from MORROWIND SUMMIT and was thrilled to see that no longer were mods a 3dshooter only phenomena their creative prowess only displayed in games like QUAKE 3 ARENA and UNREAL TOURNAMENT. Now completely control had come to the rpg realm.

    I still have the metal pewter Ordinator figurine along with the small box he came in and the art book from the collectors edition within arms reach of my pc.

    Thanks Bethesda for the great memories that never change ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Wow. Eight years ago?? Morrowind’s atmosphere, music (still the best!), story, and especially its modding community and tools took me places that a game had never done before (or since, really). I lost count of the hours spent exploring, fighting, questing and experiencing the world of Vvardenfell. Almost 2 years of my life, to the exclusion of any other game. Simply incredible.

    I have moved on now, but I agree with others here. Oblivion was a great game but Morrowind was superior in many ways. With Morrowind Bethesda took a terrific world and made it ours. Thank you, Bethesda, for the great memories!

  8. The BEST Elder Scrolls for me. Deeply explore the culture and lore of the Dunmer and its controversial relationship with now-extinct Dwemer. Happy birthday!

  9. Coincidentally I just loaded this up on my machine last week to give it another go, now that I have the Steam version with the 2 expansions…

  10. Happy birthday to my favorite game of all time!
    Never have I had more fun in a video game then Morrowind.
    I still go back and play it all the time!
    I can’t believe it’s been eight years… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ive got great memories of when i got Morrowind and enjoyed the Bloodmoon and tribunal expansions.
    However i, like the majority love Oblivion .
    Im sick of seeing Oblivion being bagged from Morrowind enthusiasts.
    No doubt they will bag ES5 because the game eventually released is different.
    Morrowind ended up being destroyed anyway so get over it and read the new Novels and enjoy the ride.
    The History and Lore of the Elder scrolls MUST transfer to the new edition as its Tamriel,Akavir or what ever we are interested and continue waiting with baited breath on the a new edition.

  12. Morrowind is what got me into TES. I read a review online about being able to do anything at any time, and I thought was was pretty cool. I have been hooked on Morrowind (and its expansion packs) and Oblivion (and its expansion packs) since.

    The modding has ensured that these games will probably be played extensively for at least another 8 years.

  13. Morrowind was such an awesome game, got me into the TES series. I bought a 2nd copy for PC a while ago just so I could play through it again on my PC. Oblivion was awesome too but didnt have that feel that morrowind had.

    Oh and hurry up with the new freaking TES, I cant wait ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Hawppy Birthday, Morrowind! Best game in series, as someone said above.
    Hope TES:V is more like it, and less like Oblivion ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. woot!! Happy Birthday Morrowind! This is by far the best game i have ever ever had the priveledge to play, and this is coming from a 17 yr old hard gamer. i still love this game, and i to this day still play it occasionally even though i had to restart a file on my xbox 360.

  16. My first char and I were both hopelessly naive and technically incompetent. She thought “You’re only the one with a mouse and keyboard so do what I say.”
    I was alaways afraid that she would get hurt. I dragged her out of a tomb (the Andrano Tomb for Sharnn gra Muzgob)when she was wounded, costing us scrolls and potions that it had cost us a bunch to acquire.
    She refused to speak to me for a week!
    I tried to bribe her with a nice vacation but no dice.
    I found out from a map site that we were at the wrong and talked her into going back.
    In other words my realtionship with my chars is intense. (Beats chess that way. Doesn’t it?)
    Regards to the creators of MW,

  17. I remember calling my cousin when I first got the game, asking how I switch to 3rd person mode. But when she told me and I switched to 3rd person, I realized that the character looked ugly and maybe 1st person was better. ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Morrowind was my first RPG so when I first started playing I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say I failed pretty badly at character creation and since I had never played an RPG before I didn’t know anything about leveling up and all that other RPG stuff. I found the whole experience frustration beyond words and with any other game I would have probably quit playing right then and never looked back. But there was something about Morrowind that kept me playing and as I got used to all the RPG elements and began to figure out how the game works I began enjoying it more and more to the point that is eventually became my favorite video game. I still play it all these years later and Morrowind is the only game that has a permanent place on my hard drive. Happy birthday Morrowind, and thanks to Bethesda for giving the world this awesome game.

  19. I remember Morrowind’s requirements making my little GeForce 3 on PCI cry like a little girl. Despite the performance issues, I loved every second of that game. I continually evangelize both this, and Oblivion to everyone willing to listen, and I want nothing more from a video game than to play Elder Scrolls V.

    Happy Birthday TES III. Many more TES games to come. I want to play TES 10 when I turn 50!

  20. I was so overcome by my first glimpse of Seyda Need, I had to go to bed to recover, giving husband a couple hours to determine we needed a second copy. Fun, fun times!

    Lady E.

  21. Happy Birthday, Morrowind!
    Thanks to “Bethesda Softwroks” – you definitely created a masterpiece, which changed lifes millions people. It is the best part of all TES for me. And I hope that the next game will be like Morrowind, not Oblivion. Although, Oblivion is a good (wonderful!) game too.
    But I respect “Morrowind” much more.

    P.S. Sorry for my poor knowledge of English – I just started to learn that.

  22. Happy Borthday to Morrowind going gold!!! YEAH N”WAH!!! Thank you! to the developers for a magical game that has brought a whole new meaning to the word “Imagination” and sparked inspiration all around! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. The one game I just can’t let go. I found it to be my most amazing gaming experience ever.

    Thanks Bethesda. This is not a game, it is a living piece of art.

  24. I actually play this at work – Dont tell the boss – on a daily basis – just hit level 30 with my Dark Elf Cruisader! I bought this game as my first RPG when I was 17! Wow time flies. Thank you Bethesda. Again, dont tell my boss ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. If you remember the old school RPG called Ultima, before it went to online only – I’d been looking for something to replace it for ages and FINALLY did…with Morrowind. It’s truly an awesome game. Congrats!

  26. this was my first ever game for the PC and i still love it. ive got an itch to go play it again now.

    Happy if not somewhat belated bithday!

  27. Oh Morrowind! Happy birthday!
    I thank everyone who brought that province to life. I was in a unique situation where I became horribly depressed but was able to cope my way through with Morrowind. It really did keep me relatively sane. I’m glad that situation is long over and Morrwind will forever have a place in my heart. Thank you and may you walk on warm sands.

  28. Before Morrowind it was always final fantasy for me. But TES just blew me away. Killed my xbox (red ring of death) by playing oblivion for over 300 hours. But the music for Morrowind was just so beautiful and emotional. Loved oblivion but thinking back on it now – Morrowind had so much more to it. Thanks Bethesda. Whens the nect one coming out?

  29. Happy Belated Birthday TES: Morrowind! I remember how my uncle bought this for his XBOX and I would go over to his house and play it constantly from early Friday evening well into Sunday. I easily spent weeks in front of the TV just playing my heart out.

    Then on my 17th Birthday I remember getting my own XBOX and Morrowind GOTY Edition. I still play it to this day on a regular basis.

    Thank you for the fond memories! And thank you Bethesda for pushing the limits. You guys are amazing!