Will whips up some mean screens

canon pics 009.JPG

Recently Jason gave out our third ‘Screenshot of the Month Award’ for Fallout: New Vegas. This month, Associate Producer Will Noble came away with the latest crazy trophy concoction — featuring a cop pointing a gun.

Yes, we know there’s no actual screenshots in this post, but we should have more New Vegas goodness for you soon!

Congrats to Will. And if you haven’t read it before, here’s his Inside the Vault from a few years back.

Reader Comments

  1. Speaking of Fallout, a friend of mine was playing Fallout 3 on X360. His game froze, he turned it off and then back on only to find all of his save files were gone. And all of his add-ons for the game were also gone. I’ve noticed it freezing quite a bit lately too. Kinda hoping for an update or something….