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With most of our department out on travel this week, Nick and I will be heading out in a few. But before we go, here’s some the latest we’ve seen around the web.

Brink Creative Director Richard Ham has been pretty busy with interviews as of late. This week he answered questions from UK site GamesTM, as well as a few community questions from Australian site Games On Net. Here’s an excerpt from the latter:

Otto-matic: If it is P2P, will you implement a strong localisation mechanism that makes it very unlikely for Australian gamers to suffer lag connecting to a US host?
Richard: On PC, we’re fully supporting a traditional dedicated server system so connections should be fine and dandy. For consoles, we’re peer-to-peer and are definitely focusing on quality of service for all our matchmaking. We’re also keying our matchmaking on friends, so that should help give console players control over the quality of the connections.

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In New Vegas news, Obsidian’s Chris Avellone briefly touches on the game in a podcast interview with our friends at the Adrenaline Vault. Listen to podcast episode #75 here. Meanwhile, Atomic Gamer’s Jeff Buckland shares his ideas on how New Vegas can build upon Fallout 3.

Each week Couch Athletics is featuring mods from their favorite games, and this week’s featured game is Fallout 3. In the article, shout outs are given to Fallout 3 Re-Animated by alendor, Fallout 3 Project Beauty HD by Dracomies, and NMC’s Texture Pack (FO3) from NeilMc_NMC. Nice work guys!

Here’s two Fallout 3-related videos that caught my eye this week. Up first is a video from Ohayocon 2010, featuring someone that successfully impersonated Three Dog. Elsewhere on YouTube, this Fallout Dance Party left me speechless.

Elsewhere, this piece of fan art by calwong was passed along to me by one our developers…pretty funny. If you’ve got art to share, send it our way.


Enjoy your weekend!

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