Meet the Brink team: Dann Yeung


Our friends at Splash Damage have a new developer profile up. This time it’s Senior Gameplay Programmer Dann ‘SRS-Kap’ Yeung. Previously an employee of Lionhead Studios, Dann learned about an opening at Splash Damage from one of his current coworkers…

How did you end up at Splash Damage?

I had previously worked with Richard Ham on Fable 2 and he informed me of the available position at Splash Damage. I am a big FPS gamer, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of my favorite games ever so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Also, Splash Damage happens to be located near where I live which is always a bonus. 🙂

Read the rest of Dann’s profile here. And if you haven’t already, you can meet the rest of the team here.

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