Official Bethesda Store Officially Restored


To: Bethesda fans

From: The Desk of Bethesda J. Softworks

Dear Friends,

After several weeks spent in the shop, I am happy to announce that the online Bethesda store has been returned to its former glory.

Most notably, the Oblivion DLC aisle is now fully operational, offering the complete selection of digital content for worldwide consumption.

Please note that the DLC store only includes content for the PC platform. There are no refunds on digital content purchased on this site. All sales are final. This content will not be compatible with versions of Oblivion downloaded from Steam.

As always, North Americans looking for a copy of anything from Fallout 3 to Breeders’ Cup can still order games directly from us.

We hope to soon see you back in the store, buying video games and sampling the latest digital wares. Just don’t steal anything while we’re asleep.


Reader Comments

  1. Oh my, I remember back in 2006 when first TES4 DLSs came out, I wanted to visit the store and couldnt. The same in 2007, and in 2008, and in 2009… So, for me your shop site was down since 2006 😛
    The only way to get those dls was to buy KotN on CD (it came out on cd here in Poland).
    It somewhat funny to me: hey, take a look at our store, the one you wanted to visit for last 4 years 😛

  2. Thank you! I had all but given up hope after the store had been down for so long. I’m only missing Fighter’s Stronghold(have the rest on the KotN disc. I got it for free when it first came out, but then lost it when my old Hard Drive died.

    It’s a funny coincidence that some of class were discussing Oblivion this week. :p

  3. I’m still not seeing any clothes. I want TES and Fallout merchandise you chintzy bastards. JK(but not really)I love you guys but is it really too much to ask for a nice Oblivion hoody or even a measly vault 101 shirt.

  4. I agree with Eric. Why won’t it work with the steam edition? All user generated content/mods seem to work fine so why shouldn’t the official add-ons work? Anyways, congratulations to the rest of you.

  5. If I had to guess about the Steam incompatibility, I’d guess one of two things. Either the installer was modified to not recognize the Steam version because Steam already sells a version that has the DLCs, or it’s because the dates on the DLC content is significantly older than the dates on the Steam version and the load order will be messed up unless you know how to correct that yourself.

  6. Worm, you are absolutely right. I’m surprised that Bethesda hasn’t taken advantage of this yet. Also, WE NEED DLC FOR PLAYSTATION!! Better yet, port Morrowind as well. PS owners will eat it up!