What I Read: Jason Bergman


How do we inhale the insane amount of information available to us? What I Read finds out how we navigate through the brand new world of data. Recent Inside the Vault alum Jason Bergman reads a great many things — find out more below…

I’m a total news and information junkie. I like to be inundated with information all the time.

Several times a day, I visit three gaming blogs: Shacknews (as much for the community as the news), Joystiq and Kotaku. I also regularly frequent tech blogs Engadget and Gizmodo and for a nice smattering of craziness I check out Digg. For nerdly news, I read Io9, Topless Robot, Robot 6 and Techland.

I love Twitter. It’s a constant stream of craziness from people I find interesting (plus friends and family). Roger Ebert’s Twitter feed is probably my favorite at the moment, but I also enjoy Warren Ellis, Felicia Day, and Brian Michael Bendis among many others.

My weekly news magazines are Time and The New Yorker. I also subscribe to Playboy and Game Informer, and I read both cover to cover. We get the Washington Post at home, but I tend to read more of it via my iPhone, along with the NY Times (the latter mostly for the arts and technology sections).

My book reading habits are all over the place. I have an Amazon Kindle, and love it to death. Between my physical Kindle device and the iPhone app I’m always carrying around a book with me. I tend to alternate between sci-fi and non-fiction or at least slightly more realistic books. Right now I’m reading The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, one of those books I’ve always wanted to read. I’m slowly making my way through Chuck Palahniuk’s library and so I’ve read Fight Club, Choke and Snuff. I have Diary lined up next. On the sci-fi side, I recently finished the enormous Commonwealth Saga (consisting of two books: Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained) by Peter F. Hamilton. Hamilton writes super deep space operas in the Asimov tradition, which I really enjoy, but I always feel the need to detox after finishing them up. I also recently discovered the work of Robert Silverberg (why didn’t anyone tell me about him sooner!). So far I’ve only read The World Inside, but I loved it, and plan to read some of his other books (like Son of Man) in the near future.

I’m a big (BIG) comics nerd. Every week I pick up my obligatory Superman book. I used to read all the Batman books as well, but Grant Morrison ruined the character for me with RIP, so I’m taking a break for a few years. Lately I’m really enjoying the newly rebooted Ultimate universe from Marvel (Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Enemy have all been really fun), and I recently picked up the first issues of Mark Millar’s new series Nemesis (which was fun!) and The Guild (which was really quite good!). For back-issue stuff, I’m slowly getting caught up on Invincible, and just finished going through the Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev run of Daredevil (if you like the character at all, you owe it to yourself to track down that run).

I don’t read many web comics these days. Mostly because I forget when they’re updated. I do try and keep up with PVP (a strip I’m proud to say once featured me as a character), and I check in with Questionable Content and Hark! A Vagrant every now and then.

That covers the basics. I also read Giant Bomb (for game-related nuttiness), GameSpot (for the reviews), MTV Splash Page, Sci-Fi Wire and lots more. Like I said, I’m a news and information junkie. Just hook it to my veins!

Reader Comments

  1. If you like Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga, you should read his Void Trilogy too. Third book is coming this year.

    Other sci-fi authors I can recommend are: Alastair Reynolds (the Revelation Space series is great) and Iain M. Banks (the Culture series is also great).