Fallout: New Vegas First Look on IGN


IGN just posted a fresh First Look preview of Fallout: New Vegas. There are new screenshots, and new impressions. What more do you need to know?

Here’s a quote:

All of the additions to the gameplay sound exciting and the core of what made Fallout 3 so fantastic is completely intact. Want more of a great thing with plenty of new additions to make it feel fresh all over again? New Vegas has your back.

Give it a read.

In addition to the preview, check out their video interview with Josh Sawyer — Project Director on New Vegas.

Reader Comments

  1. Frigging Hardcore Mode looks fantastic! Its like having mods without the mods 😀 To be able to sleep, eat and modify weapons among many other things right out of the box.

    Talk about having rpg boardgame control like dungeon masters of old. Reminds me of DAGGERFALL in its massive design completeness. Intricate yet incredibly easy to get into thanks to doing something as brilliant as keeping what works from FALLOUT 3 and adding in what the fans would have liked to have seen to the already excellent formula.

    The new robots look stunning fitting right into the FALLOUT world along with the cool cowboy western attire of npcs with a futuristic touch.

    The many quests and main storyline look rich with detail alive with mysterious plots pulsing with the life of artistic creativity in all its many forms.

    Thanks for the adrenaline stimulating sneak peek. Sheesh now am all excited! Gotta keep the hype down in my head even if its obvious FALLOUT NEW VEGAS goes beyond the hype and into the realm of absolute satisfaction.

  2. You guys should get a add on that you can go to D.C do missions and see the previous fallout character if you had the previous game.