QUAKE LIVE Beta Updated, Invite Your Friends Now


A fairly significant update to id’s QUAKE LIVE beta went live this week, adding a new player invite system to the browser-based multiplayer FPS.

Combatants now have three new friends-list options to perform: “View Profile,” “Invite to Match” and “Join Match.” In addition to that, a new “Start a Match” feature is in closed testing:

One feature of our upcoming Premium Service known as ‘Start a Match’ is currently in private testing and allows for leagues and players to start servers for other players to join. This update brings new features to the Start a Match capabilities, including the ability to start servers without passwords, the ability to restrict servers by player invite and the ability to specify a custom map rotation.

Check out the whole list of changes here. To give the free-to-play game a spin post-update, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to the premium service. It’ll be nice to have what is effectively a private server like we used to back in the old days.