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Here’s a quick look at news I found on our games online (and some in print as well)..

Can you believe it’s been over four years since Oblivion was released? Last week The Koalition’s Gary A. Swaby posted a new article discussing how the RPG holds up today. Here’s an excerpt where he discusses quests within the game.

“Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is damn near unbeatable. Sure the main storyline quest is beatable within a couple hours, but the main quest is nothing. There are literally hundreds of quests in this game, and given the world which Bethesda has created for you, you will definitely attempt to complete as many as you can. The fact that there are two huge expansion packs doesn’t make it any easier either.”

Oblivion also gets mentioned in BitMob’s Top 5 Video Game Sequences written by Omar Yusef, where they included the Dagon Shrine questline

“It was this specific mission that appropriately demonstrated Oblivion’s breadth. The game allowed players to brazenly hack and slash their way through difficult scenarios or sneak past them. Each problem players were faced with could be approached from a number of angles. In essence, the Dagon Shrine proved that Oblivion catered to almost every type of role player, which is why it’s worthy of commemoration.”

One final bit on Oblivion. The latest (June) issue of OXM has a small feature titled, “The Developer’s Cut,” where developers discuss content from their games that didn’t make the final release. On page 87, Todd Howard discusses content cut from Oblivion. Head to your local newsstand (or your mailbox) to read it, as well as a new preview for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

Putting a bow around this roundup, author Grant Tavinor recently released a new book, The Art of Videogames, featuring Fallout 3 on the cover. Throughout the text, you can find references to DOOM, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 (I’m particularly interested in reading the chapter “The Morality of Videogames”). For more on the subject, Tavinor recently wrote a column for Kotaku in response to comments from film critic Roger Ebert.

Updated: GameSetWatch’s Emily Short has an in-depth look back at her play experience with Fallout 3. Read the article here.

Reader Comments

  1. “Can you believe it’s been over four years since Oblivion was released”?

    Yes, yes I can….. That is why I, and millions of others are getting mad at Bethesda for not announcing anything on TES5 yet…..

  2. I am glad people are still talking about Oblivion. TES are the best video gaming experiences I have had, and to be honest, I am really a platformer at heart. And Billy, I am not one of those mad at Bethesda… they’ll make an announcement in about a month or so before E3 I am sure 🙂 Hint hint… pretty pretty please…

  3. Dear Bethesda Team!
    More than 4 years ago, I started to play Oblivion and since then I played it only when one of my best friend visited me to play Oblivion (handing over the controller every 30 minutes or so).
    Yesterday we are still playing and are not yet through the game!! 180 hours of netto game playing time, level 35.

    What I want to say: Oblivion is still the best game in this genre!

    What we wish for Oblivion 5: Equal richness and quality of the stories and quests but of course with an updated graphics engine. We believe that the best engine currently available on the XBOX would be the one of Assassin’s Creed 2. Having AC2’s graphics engine in Oblivion 5 would be awesome!

    All the best,
    – basZero

  4. Wait… TWO huge expansion packs? Ok, Shivering Isles was nice and gigantic, but what’s the other one they are referring to? Knights of the Nine? That wasn’t huge. Awesome and fun, yes. Huge, no.

    Maybe they confused Morrowind’s expansion packs Tribunal and Bloodmoon for Oblivion? Those were massive.

    Anyway, four years? Yes. I can believe that. I can also believe that it’s been far too long since Bethesda announced a new Elder Scrolls title. 😀

  5. What a crazy four years it has been too but OBLIVION was there to shine the shiny sunshine of the daedric planes with all the charged emotion of ever changing life which screams,” YOU ARE ALIVE! So rage and be happy!”

    To think am still enjoying every Bethesda rpg that has come all these years later. Why i just found out the other day on YouTube i can fast travel in TES 1 ARENA! Great scott i could smack myself!

    Ooo i may have found a new hobby..collecting art books like The Art Of VideoGames.

  6. I absolutely can “believe” it has been four years since Oblivion has been announced. I’ve been waiting, wishing, hoping for a TES V announcement every day of those four years. And what a long four years it has been…

    But I know the waiting is over. TES V will be announced at E3 2010. If it’s not, Bethesda will have an angry mob on their hands…

    Don’t disappoint us Bethesda. We are the ones who put the money in your pockets. Give your loyal fans what they want. We deserve a TES V announcement. We’ve waited long enough.