Hunted Previews Hunted Down (Updated)


Caddoc and E’lara are always going everywhere together. The grocery store. Demon’s forges. Press events.

The latter was the case not a few weeks ago, and now journalists are chiming in with their impressions of Hunted, the co-op action game starring the fantastical duo. Game Informer says: “It’s not often that players have the chance to play co-op games in a fantasy setting–particularly in dungeon crawlers–and it’s a welcome change of pace.”

Like the RAGE roundup, we’ve got a running list of every article for you to explore. Take a look:



Coverage on the game continues to roll in, so we’ll update you on anything new that we see. And after the break, we’ve got Giant Bomb’s interview with inXile President, Matt Findlay, as well as an interview with Game Director Maxx Kaufman

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