RAGE Previews from Around the Web (Updated)


Yesterday’s deluge of previews based on the aptly-named “BFG 2010” press event brought with it our latest look at RAGE, the upcoming shooter from the first-person pioneers at id Software.

The slick new screens sure look great, but journalists say the game looks even better when hitting your eyes with 60 frames per second. “The game is at least a year away from release, but visually, it’s almost flawless,” said Eurogamer.

To facilitate your digestion of the sweet new info, we’ve compiled a handy list of all the RAGE articles we’ve spotted so far. Take a look below to read all about the post-apocalyptic tech marvel — and if you spot any additional coverage, let us know in the comments.



We’ll have more news on RAGE soon. In the meantime, hit the jump to see video coverage on the game.

G4TV breakdown what they saw with RAGE.

GameTrailers interview with Creative Director Tim Willits

Reader Comments

  1. That some adrenaline packed heart thumping emotion stirring action going on. Has a very fleshed out eye catching complete feel to it with plenty of polish.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. I cant wait for this game, it could even be better than Fallout. I just hope it doesn’t have any changes right in the middle when they are making it like Borderlands. I was all for that game, then it cam out and, well just look at it….

  3. By far my most anticipated game at the moment.

    Everything on Bethesda’s slate right now looks really impressive. It seems like it’s gonna be a good couple of years for the publisher, and hopefully that stretches on for a while.