April Hall of Famers at Planet Elder Scrolls


Last month at Planet Elder Scrolls, four mods (three from Oblivion, one from Morrowind) were honored as Hall of Fame mods. Let’s take a look…

Oblivion Mods

  • Ancient Silver Armor by Blue Destiny: As you can see above, Blue Destiny has put together a pretty impressive armor set. Once you’ve downloaded this mod, head to Silver Tooth Cave to find it.
  • JM’s Bar Fights V.2.2 by JM Scion: “Watch where you’re swinging that bottle!” Yup, this mod does exactly what you think it would. Awesome!
  • Gorier Blood by dDefinder : And yes, this one is pretty self explantory, too.

Morrowind Mods

Congrats to all these modders for their fine contributions to the community.

Reader Comments

  1. Greetings MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL gstaff! I just noticed the link to Ancient Silver Armor by Blue Destiny is the same as the link to Gorier Blood by dDefinder.

    Thank you magnificent godlike one for your attention 😀

  2. … I downloaded it. It was awesome but..

    I find it rather annoying that it cannot harm ghosts and the like. “Ancient Silver” cant harm the ghosties but normal “silver” can ?

  3. there should be a oblivion 5. that will be one of the biggest releases ever i mean ill even buy it myself for xbox 360.= )

  4. The links to the great modding beyond are now repaired and prepared to transport blessings of virtual happiness upon the vastness of fandom.

    Thank you gstaff oh godlike one whose voice speaks upon the internets of the mind yet is never heard. A manifestation in purity of action.

    Now to look in the mirror of reality and awaken from this dream in horror. At least it makes it easier to play an Orc in OBLIVION.