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In the past week, there has been plenty of Fallout: New Vegas information to digest. So starting today, we’re kicking off a community Q&A through our Fallout pages on Facebook and Twitter. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be going through your questions and getting them to the guys at Obsidian to answer.

If you’re using Twitter, please include submit your questions to @Fallout while including #newvegasqa with your question. As an example…


If you’re submitting via Facebook, it’s a little easier. Simply visit our Fallout page and leave your comment within the post asking for community questions.

Not signed up at Facebook or Twitter? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below. Once we have answers from the guys at Obsidian, we’ll post them within our Fallout: New Vegas forums.

Fire away!

Reader Comments

  1. One more question: will equip-able clothing be like Fallout 3’s (head piece, face piece and one whole body piece) or like Oblivion’s (Body, legs, gloves etc.)?

  2. Will there be a romance sub-plot? Can we fall in love? Get married? Have a spouse as a companion?

    Do you guys have any ballpark date for DLC/add ons?

    Will a Fallout 3 character’s choices have any impact on the New Vegas story?

    Will the exploration be less linear? Sometimes, when I tried to get somewhere and AVOID the subways, I would run into an unclimbable wall of rubble! It caused serious frustration. Will there be multiple ways to get to one spot?

    And, most importantly, CAN WE PLEASE JOIN THE BAD GUYS?!?!?!? With my evil character, I thought that to be TRULY EVIL, we had to join the bad guys, just we COULDN’T! Can we this time around, PRETTY PLEASE?

    By the way, for all wondering, I heard the exact release date is October 2nd.

  3. i have a few questions

    1: when is the release date for this great game? i know it would have to be around the same release period as fallout 3

    2:i know a bunch of people asked but are u gonna be able to have more options on how to spend your money besides just gambling,weapons,food,medicine,etc it is vegas after all

    3:will area 51 be in fallout new vegas? or be a dlc for it

  4. I ask the one we all wan’t to know.

    Will the game be modable?

    Is it true you can reload spent shells you collect?

  5. what are some of the new perks in fallout: new Vegas?

    will the ending be like fallout 3?

    you guys are awesome for making the fallout game XD

  6. One of the features that the fallout 3 mod FWE had besides ammo having weight, slower healing, and water needs was more combat damage being more realistic. Will the hardcore feature have more realistic combat as in, if you get shot in the head or a couple times in the body, without power armor, you’re basically dead.

  7. what major changes to the UI are you planing to make? Besides the reputation tab will there be any noticably large changes?

  8. Fallout: New Vegas is taking place near the west coast, which is the setting of Fallout 1 & 2. Since the game is making a return to it’s roots, will there be any classic fallout weapons in the game? Like the turbo plasma rifle or the gauss pistol?

  9. hello, i have an important question,will this game learn from the one mistake they fixed in FO3 and that is have am ending that allows u to still run around and have fun??? i know that when they did that for FO3, thats all it needed to be my most favorite game ever, and then they added more! lol, anyways the question is, does the game end with the story line??

  10. you know, now that i think about it, i bought fo3 for x-box 360, got 4 out of 5 dlc’s ($100) then i got the GOTY edition for the comp,($50) and the fo3 goty guide book ($10) $160 for one game and i feel like i ripped them off, it was such a wonderful game, my dad got it and we would play together, he got all the DlC’s another ($110) and i proudly state that i am going to buy both myself and my dad the collectors edition FO: new vegas ( about $150 +-) and i don’t think its a waste at all, these games rock and will rock, FO best games ever! Thank you so much for quality games worth the money,

    Merciless531 (thumbs up)

  11. I wanted to know if you have not allowed players to finish the endgame mission unless they have explored at least 3/4 of the map? It was disappointing to end the story in FO3 after only having explored 1/2 of the map.

  12. A lot of Fallout 3 fans were Oblivion fans before that. I want to know if we can actually read the books like in Oblivion or is it more “Large burned book” like in FO3.

  13. I just have two questions:

    1. Will hunger be an issue?
    Hunger goes hand in hand with dehydration so it makes sense. Food in fallout 3 didn’t really serve a purpose it was just… there. And it would lead to some interesting scenarios like being close to dropping dead from hunger and having to eat a companion or a passing traveler just to make it to the next town.

    2. Will there be mods for melee weapons and just how many mods will there be? 20, 50, 100 or will they be randomized Borderland style (which would be a good call in my opinion)?
    A throwing spear doesn’t leave much room for customization, unless you can add bells which could make for a good distraction. Or will there be variants like explosive or steel spears? Overall I’m looking forward to the mods. Being able to keep my favorite weapons throughout a playthrough like the hunting rifle, which was useless past lv 10 in FO3, is one of the things I look forward too. But! Loot was a problem in fallout. You never had a reason to go back and visit old locations. There were named weapons but you always knew where they were. A large variety of mods that spawn randomly would change that and give you more of a reason to go and explore the wastes, and hell it’s fun! Going into a dungeon and not knowing what to expect is what keeps me playing Oblivion and I missed out on that in FO3.

  14. Blah! I forgot something. One more question and I’m done.

    3. How do plan on balancing the skills?

    As I understand it you’ve merged big & small guns. I can’t help but feel that it’ll be overpowered even with strength requirements. Small Guns were already overpowered in FO3. Energy weapons weren’t so great. The lase rifle which was not available ’till late game was on par with the hunting rifle, and explosives lacked variety. And what about the other skills? Some skills are only useful in particular situations like lockpick and science. I’ve always liked the idea of merging sneak and lockpick into stealth, barter and speech into- people skills or something I can’t think of a good name, and repair and science into… science. Or will you give already existing skills more benefits to help keep variety?
    Also, personal opinion, barter and speech SHOULD be merged. I can talk my way into a threesome but not a better deal? What’s up with that! I really hope the skills are balanced and each adds new elements to game play as I never found much of a reason to replay FO3.
    Also best wishes to the people working on FNV. I look forward to the game and hope it does the series justice.

  15. When you are at the finishing quest, and you’ve done it, will you be able to keep on roaming around the wastes of New Vegas, or will you just die or something as in Fallout 3?

  16. before i pre order the collectors edition i wanna know if theirs gonna be other limited edition available just how amazon had with fallout 3

  17. i have 1 question will we be able 2 play as ghouls bcouse ive herd rumors but im not sure if its true i love ghouls (dont no y) but i do so please let us play as them please

  18. well since its official that area 51 will not be in the game will u have it as a dlc that would be awesome if so?

    will there be more quests in fallout new vegas than fallout 3?

  19. i just have one question

    will the historic layout stay the same
    for ex. in fallout three many of the biulding and streets are correct to modern day.

  20. hopfully this gets answered, i’ve been wondering for a while n 74 days is even better :I

    1) in Fallout New Vegas, will you change it so that the gameplay would be improved from fallout 3, such as character interaction, explosive surroundings, blood and gore like some from COD 5, older fallouts dark humor n themes, clothing like changing shirts/pants ect. instead of full outfits.

    2) idc what companions you have in there but i need someone as awesome as dogmeat

    3) will the AI be stupidlike in fallout 3, because companions dieing and having to reload all the time getsannoying.

    thank you for any cooperation and good luck with your games.

  21. Mightve been mentioned but here goes nothin…

    Was wondering have you improved on the character animations? Are their faces more lifelike and this time do the characters realistically interact with the world around them unlike Fallout 3 to give it more life? Im also talking about the walking animations and how they look strange when changing direction in third person view. Pleeease do pleeeeease, the animations on Fallout 3 put me off dramatically.

    How about ease of cover behind walls and objects to protect from gunfire?

    Will higher agility give us the ability to run faster? If so will footsteps (both visually and by sound) be a lot quicker unlike Fallout 3 where every 2 seconds you would hear footsteps when running at your maximum speed?

    Thats all I gotta say, tchairs.

  22. Does the storyline have a limiter preventing you from completing the story before you have opened 50% of the games locations? Also, will there be alien or experimental aircraft crash sites, since the Mojave desert has a folklore surrounding this, such as : Area 51? Thanks for your time.

  23. OK, knowing the answer to this question will help me sleep at night:

    Do the AI/NPCs also use modified weapons? So every now and then you might come across an AI using an upgraded weapon?

    Also can melee weapons be upgraded?

    Allllssooo can upgrades be taken off and be interchanged?

  24. My question is short and simple. Will you be able to dress you companions? It’s great when a game allows you to customize your character and/or companions.

  25. I just discovered massive bug
    I was doing House always wins V and after blowing up the bunker of brotherhood of steel and cannot acces The Strip any more!! Game freezzz!!! So many bugs, czeeeezzz

  26. 1) We all know from past experience that all games lose support.
    We also know that good games last a long time after they’ve lost any professional support.

    When that time comes, will you release a patch or something we can download that will allow us to play the game without activating it via an online connection?

    2) Also, is there a way to activate it by phone if we cannot get online? There is not internet everywhere.

  27. will the blood money DLC be in the ending cut scene after you beat the game? also is there going to be a DLC that continues after the end of fallout new Vegas?

  28. Can you please make the Brotherhood of Steel bigger like the safe house bigger and they retake the abandoned bunker after dead money completion maybe the start patrolling and get more powerful.

  29. Is there going to be a higher level cap after Dead money?(I mean are you going to keep it at level 35,or make it 40 or even higher?)

  30. I have a question about a part in the game. During wildcard mission i was wondering, the brotherhood of steel took my stuff…. are they suppose to give it back…. because they didnt….. just wonderin
    THanks John

  31. im having problems with the brotherhood of steel missions. the game will not allow me to give either he pulse gun or rangefinder to mcnamara, and will not let me talk to him. i had the guns before the quest. what do i do?