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In the past week, there has been plenty of Fallout: New Vegas information to digest. So starting today, we’re kicking off a community Q&A through our Fallout pages on Facebook and Twitter. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be going through your questions and getting them to the guys at Obsidian to answer.

If you’re using Twitter, please include submit your questions to @Fallout while including #newvegasqa with your question. As an example…


If you’re submitting via Facebook, it’s a little easier. Simply visit our Fallout page and leave your comment within the post asking for community questions.

Not signed up at Facebook or Twitter? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below. Once we have answers from the guys at Obsidian, we’ll post them within our Fallout: New Vegas forums.

Fire away!

Reader Comments

  1. Oh… so many things to ask.. I’ll try to keep it simple :

    1) How difficult is it to add something to the setting while staying true to it, especially with such a dedicated fanbase? Do you think you’ve succeeded?

    2) Has the game been tweaked when it comes to balance and viable builds? Do you think you’ve made some of the skills more interesting to pick (e.g. Barter, Explosives)? How?

    3) What insipired the art direction you went for in the game? Like, some movies, games, comics…

    4) Will the famous ‘ending slides’ for the various settlements (present in Fallout 1 & 2) make a return?

    That’s all I have to ask for now I guess.

  2. I’m going to keep it short with just 2 questions:

    1) I’m assuming that you are reusing some of the animations from Fallout 3. Have you done anything to improve these or are they going to stay the same way that they did in Fallout 3?

    2) Is the gore going to be same as in Fallout 3 or have you done something to improve it?

  3. Will there be any perks unique to New Vegas added at level up and will there be any perks removed from the selection given in Fallout 3?

  4. A buff for the above questions, and some more:

    !. Since combat will probably play a big (?) role in Fallout: New Vegas (and as through numerous previews we know that the “FPS elements” have been improved), how are the ‘RPG elements’ of the combat tweaked? How do the skills and stats come into play when combat is concerned?

    2. How is the character progression handeled (the pace, the support for different builds, etc)?

    3. What will the soundtrack – the ambient in the background – sound like, or in other words, what’s the tone and direction of it?

  5. I will ask away!!
    Will more types of mines appear?
    Will this be a more mature game than Fallout 3?
    Will I get another alien rifle?
    Will that rifle be accurate?
    Will there be more sniper rifle’s?
    More bolt actions?
    Is the g11 coming back?

    Just some of my questions, sure I could put more down but then that would be a LOT.

  6. Hello, team. 🙂

    Have changes been made to skill system? Is there any chance of going back to the old ways of maxing at 200-300?

    That’s pretty much all I care about right now, might come up with more. 😉

  7. Will these questions be addressed publicly so we can read through them without having to reread the questions?

    Will you post these questions in point form and either address them or just let us keep asking?

    Finally, again, re-asking here because it was a big blow up for Fallout 3 that bothered me.

    When a female character is evil or neutral in the FO3 game, there were many many instances where it was abundantly clear that the game was designed solely for a male player.

    I can’t count the amount of times I was referred to by a male pronoun or given the male dialogue because I played an evil female (and several other people have noticed this too, just do a quick google search about the irate players).

    Women play evil and neutral characters, so please make sure the game is more inclusive. Because FO3 seemed like a slapdash attempt to include the female players as an off hand gesture, and that drastically hurts the game market if you aren’t trying to FULLY market to both genders (of which are almost equal in the amount of purchases and players)

  8. three’s the magic number so thats how many qestions im going to ask…

    1)will super mutants have that horrible shouty/screaming voice?

    -im fine with hostile ones haveing it cos it makes them more scary and stupid sounding but intelligent ones will just come off as annoying… like fawks in fallout 3 who would just shout at you…all the time…

    2)will the gaint las vegas underground storm drains be in FNV?

    -you know like the metro stations in fallout 3 or something… plus you do know people are liveing in them in todays world too… maybe it could be a good place to put some ghouls? maybe an underground shanty town? huh? huh? *nudge* *nudge* … *push!*

    3)will there be talking glowing ones?

    -there just so cool! thay talked in fallout 1&2 and you could just say there ghouls who have been exsposed to FEV… i you want…

  9. Have you taken steps towards making the character models look more realistic as they move?

    What things have influenced the development of this game? I couldn’t help but notice the Lovecraft references in FO3.

    Will there be modes of transportation other than walking/fast travel?

    Will there be more weapons?

  10. 1) I love Fallout 3, but can’t understand why many of the characters that I found have the same face

    2) I’ll like to know if character animation has been improved for new vegas?

  11. Just one question.. would it finally be possible to have a working body part hit point system? Meaning that if you shoot someone in the leg (with e.g. critical hit/ multiple regular hits) the character would actually fall down and the leg would be fully useless.

    In fallout 3 they just started limping, so even if you blasted both legs many, many times, the character was still moving with about 50% of the full speed. Would be great to get a bit more efficient system for leg/arm shots.

  12. Will there be vehicles that we can drive around? Maybe after we have repaired one with a high enough repair skill.
    I ask this because I would have loved to ride the motorcycle in Fallout 3 to get around to places I can’t fast travel to.

  13. 1. will you guys be releasing an actual game play trailer? not just the robot opening scene?

    2. will you be releasing a game demo publicly and not just at events?

    3. will their be additional voice actors so the raiders don’t all have the same voice, the old men and women don’t all sound the exact same, ect?

    4. in one interview you mentioned there will not be fast travel or vehicles. is the no fast travel only for hardcore mode or is it for the normal game as well? i think removing fast travel from the entire game without giving the players a vehicle could irritate them.

    5. what does the platinum lucky 38 chip represent? high value poker chip? access pass to the lucky 38?

    6. will we be able to explore area 51?

    7. will food and drink requirements, and ammo weight effect companions in hardcore mode? in fallout3 companions had an unlimited amount of ammo for any gun they used.

  14. Will there be another really awesome launch party in Downtown LA? If so, who will be playing this time? May I suggest the White Stripes?

  15. 1. Will there be ending slides like Fallout 1 and 2?
    2. Will perks be available every level, every other level, every third level, etc.?
    3. What have you done to balance the game in general? Have you removed things, added things, and what not?
    4. Is there anything about Hardcore mode that you’d like to share?

  16. Hey, I seem to have a problem with the Facebook page link. When I click on the “Fallout Page” in the post, I get linked to the Facebook homepage and not the Fallout page. Any ideas why?

  17. additional questions.

    8. will their be more then one obtainable house for the player, and i do not mean one house for the player in the entire game.
    will the player be able to have a house in several places at once?
    if their is no quick travel i believe multiple houses would be necessary.

    9. will there be a gambling skill?

    10. will their be any gambling perks?

  18. i have only few question :

    1 ) do we have more “hidden” quest ? i love something secret you know. lol

    2 ) do the map bigger than fallout 3 ? like hundreds location ? how many hidden location ?

    3 ) do the armor quite different or same ? how many caravan are they ?


  19. 1) Will there be a diagonal walking/running animation so that playing from 3rd person perspective won’t seem like rollerskating ? thanks

  20. You hinted at multiple ammo choices being available. How deep are you going with that? Will that only be ragular and AP ammo? Or will you actually make it usefull. like including Slugs for Shotguns. So that they are not totally useless in the desert? or introducing a variaty of different projectiles for rifle ammo? (huge selection in reality)

  21. @ Fallout: Will there more severe crippled limbs and more lethal radiation poisoning in hardcore mode?

    Second Question: Will there be more visual effects when drinking alchohol like slightly blurred vision for the duration of being drunk?

    Thanks 😀

  22. is there going to be pulse guns? seeing as there is plasma grenades + mines and plasma rifles + pistols, and pulse grenades + mines.

  23. Fallout 3 had some of the absolute worse player character movement in RPG and FPS history, sorry. I’m curious as to what changes these fascet of the engine has undergone in New Vegas. Firstly, the diagonal walking animations (lack thereof) already mentioned by another commenter, secondly the lack of any significant camera ‘bobbing’ or bodily movement simulation in first person mode, and thirdly the poor animation (which I realize is a matter of opinion in most cases). What have you done to improve these three key interface aspects which influence just about everything that isn’t in a menu or inventory screen?

  24. Has SPECIAL been changed so that it is no longer possible to max out every skill? If so, what is the (target) maximum number of skills which can be maxed out? Will there be a return of bobble-heads or an equivalent item?

    We’ve read about the kill cam now being available in real-time/free-aim but can the slow motion be toggled off during VATS? Does VATS still reduce damage by 90%?

  25. Will you be able to join the ranks of a major organisation, (eg. Brotherhood Of Steel, Caesar’s Legion, NCR) and actually progress through the ranks, and maybe even gain leadership?

    Why are the supermutants, that appear in the screenshots posted on grey or silver?

  26. A few questions here. If some are repeats I apologize.

    1) Will death animations from Fallout 1 & 2 be implemented in the ways people can die, such as a smg burst death or the plasma melt the skin off the bones death?

    2) Will there be different armor varients such as Leather Armor MK II, like in previous Fallouts? And perhaps look more like Fallout 1 & 2 combat armor?

    3) Will the SPECIAL system have more of a impact on how the player works out?

    4) Will older skins of returning weapons come back? Example (If even in game) Winchester P94 plasma rifle?

    5) Is there options in which your character can actually change how things develop with their actions? Example: Fallout 2’s Squatters if helped their tents turn to adobes and it looks like you left an impact?

    6) Will there be some form of weather mechanic, I don’t really know Nevada’s year round weather, but is it possible it might rain or be cloudy one day, the next sunny and bright skys? And if so, will it affect how one handles things?

    7) Will we see the return of midgets? They were always a fun character model in Fallout 1 & 2.

    I have too many, so I’ll stop here. If you can or can’t answer, I am still thankful to be able to post my questions.

    Thank you, and looking forward to New Vegas being a treat for old Fallout Fans, and appeasing the new ones.

  27. The only question I can think of right now is this one:
    Will the Vaults in the game (if any) look like the ones in Fallout 1/2 or 3? The differences could be explained by either different artistic design and/or the fact that the games take place on opposite sides of the country. Just wondering how the layouts and architecture will be.
    Anyway, to Obsidian: good luck with New Vegas!

  28. I have two:
    Are the graphics less than, equivalent, or better than Fallout 3? Like full 1080p, etc.

    Is there still the ability to switch between First Person and Third Person?

  29. Are you actually going to ship hi-res textures this time?

    Will you give Obsidian credit for making this game? the box art does not seem to show.

  30. 1) Are you excluding superfluous, distracting fluff like playing dress-up and decorating houses in New Vegas?

    2) Are you going to include hi-res textures for New Vegas?

    3) Will SPECIAL be balanced this time around?

    4) Has VATS been fixed so it’s not basically a cheater-mode that breaks the game but was, unfortunately, the only way to play Fallout 3 since the FPS combat was intolerable without it?

    5) Will Power Armor actually be good this time around? And, similarly, are you not going to be able to kill Power Armor-equipped enemies (and other strong enemies like super mutants and deathclaws) with a pistol at level 1 this time around?

    6) Will melee actually be viable this time around?

    7) Please, please… did you do any work on the animations?

    Thanks and looking forward to your responses!

  31. Hey Bethesda! Must say (for browny points) I love all the fallout games.

    I found in Fallout 3 the RPG element (character interactions, dialogue choices, etc) weren’t as important as they were in Fallout 1 and 2, so are you making those a bigger deal?

    Also, what will the level cap for New Vegas be?

  32. Hey,

    1) Will the choice in age, during character creation, effect the skin choices or dialogue?

    2) Do you think that Fallout 1 & 2 will ever be remade into a Fallout3/New Vegas style or maybe even any of the spin-offs aka BoS, etc.?

    3) Depending on the reaction of the game or not, will there be any plans for DLC?

    4) Compared to Fallout 3, how big will New Vegas be in terms of exploration and quests?

    5) Will Fallout New Vegas have any correlation with any past Fallout games?

    6) Will the soundtrack for NV be larger or about the same as the one in Fallout 3?

    7) And finally, Is there any particular reason why Vegas is the next stop in the Fallout world, not complaining just curious?

    (Thank You)

  33. are the supermutants in the screen shots graphical stand ins? will they eventually have the unique appearance of the Mariposa supermutants from FO1 & FO2 (as seen in talking head dialoges), or will they appear as they do in the screen shots, almost identical to FO3 Vault 87 mutants?

    and lastly, is there ANY chance, maybe in an add-on, of actually BECOMING a supermutant or a ghoul?

  34. 1) do you guys consider Fallout 3 canon?
    2) with reputation returning, what impact does karma have on gameplay in Fallout New Vegas, if any?
    3) DO MINI-NUKES RETURN??? they’re easily my favorite thing in Fallout 3 and many, many fans would be very excited to see them return in New Vegas. please respond to at least the mini-nukes.