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In the past week, there has been plenty of Fallout: New Vegas information to digest. So starting today, we’re kicking off a community Q&A through our Fallout pages on Facebook and Twitter. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be going through your questions and getting them to the guys at Obsidian to answer.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hey,

    How in-depth is the character creation?

    So when you are gambling can you or other players bet more than just money like ammo, weapons, maybe people,or anything else?

    If there is a house for the player to get will it be more customizable?


  2. Will there be more weapons that do such an absurd amount of damage that even the strongest enemies in the game cannot survive even one shot? (like the Experimental MIRV)

  3. I actually have a load of questions, so I’ll try to ask the ones that I’m more anticipated to know about:

    – Will the radiation become more devastating and dangerous like in F1 & F2?
    – Will the Super Mutants be worthy of their “Super” status like in F1 & F2? By this I mean will they be as dangerous as in the previous games?
    – Another question about the SPs, will there be any ‘friendly’ SPs like in Broken Hills?
    – The aliens… This is more like a request: Please, put them back to their place, which is out of the canon and inside a easter egg, please…
    – Alongside the dehybration meter, will there be any hunger meter or something?
    – Will there be an vehicles and are they really necessary?
    – Will the traits be coming back?
    – How many new perks are there planned to be included in Fallout: New Vegas?
    – How many different weapons are there planned out to be included in FNV?
    – Will the possible DLC come out on both consoles and PC?
    – Will all versions of the game be equal? According to my knowledge, the 360 version of F3 actually had an graphics update while the PS3 didn’t?
    – How large is the game world estimated to be? I’m not asking about the square miles but compared to the F3 map?
    – The pip-boy radio will probably come back in NV, so what kind of music are you planning for the radio station(s)?
    – Will the level cap be removed, the skillcaps increased to 300 and so on? This is another sort of request and I think that most of the players would enjoy that kind of update.

    That will be all for now, thank you in advance.

  4. Are you planning any DLC’s for F:NV? (We realize its early for that, but still want to know)

    If so, what would an appropriate number of DLC’s be?

  5. Just a couple

    No sight or mention of the BOS in any of the documents released about NV yet, have the Brotherhood not traveled as far as the Mojave?

    Will there be a Fallout – Official Soundtrack release? Even just an iTunes list would be good. I blame you all for my interest in sounds of the 40’s & 50’s now.

    The “Hardcore” game mode sounds like something I’d witch on immedietly. after becoming nigh-on invincible around the DC wasteland long before the main storyline had been completed. Is there going to be any benefit to the player, beyond the extra challenge, for completing the game in this mode?

  6. Well,I have a question about Enclave. First it was destroyed on the West,then on the East,but design docs of Van Buren told us that there were their small installations all over the country. So,will there be some former Enclave personnel,some of their small bunkers in-game?

  7. 1)Will there be fps elements such as iron sights,sprinting?
    2)Also will the three ranged weapon groups( energy big guns small guns) have a more diverse characteristics giving pros and cons?
    3)Will there be interactivity (e.g. romance friendship betrayal ….)
    4) Will there be power cause there has been no statement about BOS or enclave?
    5)Will there some use for the fatman cause the weapon is useless for for fallout 3?
    6)More impact on decisions, actions and morals?
    7)Will charisma have some use(high charisma characters can con, seduce people)
    Thats all for now hope its gonna be a great game

  8. *So companions have personal quests which is great, but does that mean they actually have some character development? Will they grow as characters as you progress with your personal journey, with newer/different possible dialog options?

    *Why is “race”-selection (normie, ghoul & SM) still so conspicuously absent? (may not be so conspicuous as nobody seems to have ever mentioned it)

    *Are we really going to have a Fallout-1-or-2-esque outro movie showcasing the different fates of the different places/people we have met and affected??

    *Did you (kinda)fix those awkward animations and physics??

  9. – Some of the new features advertised for New Vegas (for example weapon modification, and several aspects of hardcore mode) sound similar to mods made for Fallout 3. I was wondering if the inspiration for those features came from those mods, or from somewhere else?

    I’ll admit to being particularly interested in the case of weapon modification, as I’m the author of Weapon Mod Kits for Fallout 3, which seems quite similar to the weapon modification feature in New Vegas. 😉

    – I’m also very keen to know what the situation with the GECK editor will be. New version compatible with New Vegas? A patch to update the existing version? Or maybe the existing version will work with New Vegas by default?

  10. My one question i have is:

    -What was the one thing you were most proud of either putting in or improving in New Vegas?

  11. 1) The laser guns in Fallout 3 were nicely designed, but lacked ironsights. Since New Vegas features proper aim-down-the-sights aiming, have you modified the design of the laser guns?

    2) To me it looked like the laser guns had a secondary emitter, which I assumed was a laser-sight. Any chance of weapons having laser sights? (Even if that doesn’t suit a 1950s assault rifle, it makes sense on a laser gun!)

    3) Apparently you’ve brought back the classic P94 plasma rifle as a “plasma caster” (good name, it didn’t look like a rifle). Any chance of bringing back other old classics? All Fallout games have lacked energy weapon variety, but a mixture of weak-but-common guns from Fallout 3 and powerful-but-rare guns from Fallout 1 and 2 would solve that.

    4) Will there be a high-tech pre-war plasma pistol, like the old Glock 86? The Fallout 3 plasma guns were interesting but looked “home-made” weapons and built by Wastelanders, rather than pre-war weapons.

    5) Will there be gauss weapons? The Operation Anchorage DLC featured a gauss rifle, which was not very popular as it was made into an energy weapon, used microfusion cells instead of 2mmEC ammo, and was useless in VATS since the explosion impact effect meant it did not do locational damage. Would be nice to see Small Guns gauss weapons that use 2mmEC ammo. Perhaps with a blue smoke ring trail effect like in Fallout Tactics / Eraser / Quake 2 / Red Faction / Crysis / Command & Conquer. (Sci-fi tells us that railguns have blue spiral smoke trails!) The Mirelurk sonic attack already looks quite close.

  12. 1. Will weather and environment play a part in the survival aspect of the player? For example since FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS takes place in the desert will the player have to drink water during the hot day to survive and dress warmly at night when its supposed to get really cold.

    2. What style of music will the soundtrack be? Perhaps some old time strip club songs like Peter Gunn?

    Thanks and best wishes on a steller release 😀

  13. – If you are exposed to too much radiation could you grow additional limbs(that maybe help you with accuracy but you lose health in some periods of time) or maybe even tumors with what you will lose health.
    – Is there going to be a cover system like in some recent games(Rainbow Six Vegas for example) or not?
    – Will you be able to marry someone or even, though i dont know how you will make the 9 months, have kids?
    Thanks and best wishes with your game!
    BTW i just realised that the example game i gave you was also associated with Vegas like this game ;).

  14. Does the laser beacon have a limited number of uses?

    What are the benefeits of leaving Helios 1 to the NCR or Caesars Legion

  15. 1. Will I be able to target specific body parts in VATS with a melee weapon?

    2. Will Power Armor be rare, or plentiful?

    3. Will I be able to blow up the Hoover Dam?

    4. Will the Courier’s stolen package be pivotal to the main quest, a MacGuffin to start the main quest, or will it just be part of A quest and not the over-arching “main” quest?

    5. Will I be able to play, and complete, F:NV without killing anyone or anything, except perhaps in self-defense?

    6. Will skills like Barter, Medicine, Science, basically anything that isn’t combat, speech, or stealth, be viable options for creating a potent character?

    7. Will disguises play a role in the game, and will my outfit make any difference in people’s reactions to my character? For example, in Fallout 2 reactions were different on the Enclave base if you were wearing Enclave armor, but in Fallout 3 people treated me the same when I was wearing Raider Sadist armor as they did when I was wearing BOS armor.

    8. What role, if any, will creatable weapons play? Will they be in the game, and if so, will there be more or less than in Fallout 3?

    9. It seems like the reputation system will play an important role in the plot and in the gameplay, but what about Karma?

    10. Will permanent, achievable perks that don’t necessarily have a positive impact, like Child Killer, return?

    11. Are most of the perks returning from Fallout 1/2/3, or are they mostly new? An even mix?

    12. Will I be able to set traps? Will there be a greater variety of traps?

    12. I’m gonna start playing the game because it sounds great, and because I love Fallout. What’s gonna make me keep playing once I start?

  16. A few questions:

    1) Will the female choice still be in the game for the player, as well as the game adapting to that choice?
    There are far too many male focused games and it would be nice to see more gender choice and for the game to adapt to whichever choice is made by the player, instead of a female character being referred to as male since it’s frankly insulting.
    There are more female gamers than developers realise.

    2) Will the third person view be improved upon? As not everyone likes the First Person view, due to how many games have it now.

    3) Will the music still retain it’s 1950s charm?

    4) Will there be any referances made towards previous Fallout games, like maybe mentions of the vents of Fallout 3, mentions of things that happened in Fallout 1 and 2?

    5) Will NPC’s have more to say as you progress in the game?

    6) Will you be able to have your own house or somewhere for the player character to own so that they can drop off any items they don’t want cluttering their inventory, but still want to keep a hold of for later?

  17. i only wanna know one thing (i’ll cry [not really] if its a no) is it gonna be freeflow like fallout 3, i heard it was gonna be different. if it is different how so? also do i get any type of game add-on for reserving collectors addition? i already got my clollector pre order, and it looks good but is that all, jw. Thanls i love your work, i play for hours =| can’t wait for the game =D

  18. hi well the B.O.S appear and will they be like the west coast ones or the D.C ones.and if there are add ons will they be on a disc like the ones 4 xbox360 that was good. and is there a add on which lets you play 2 player?

  19. 1) Is there a official release date or have I been lied to repeatedly
    2)I basically know the storyline but is it a longer than Fallout 3
    3) I found it was too easy to level up in Fallout 3 so have you expanded the levels
    4) When I bought Fallout 3 you made me play the main quest 40 times and around 600 hours of gameplay, are you gonna make me do that again?

  20. I have a couple of questions regarding New Vegas.

    1) Will the Enclave make a return or be mentioned in New Vegas?
    2) Will the player be able to decide what happened to the Capital Wasteland like in Knights of the Old Republic 2 in a dialogue choice? IE “I heard someone out east made the water better” or something along those lines. Or will the effects in Fallout 3 be left unsaid?
    3) Could the player build a robot companion or a robot in this game? Given that in Fallout 3 there was plenty of scrap metal, sensor modules, cameras, and other parts, I say it should be plausible given a high skill of science and repair.
    4) Will there be weapons similar to a Tesla cannon?
    5) Since the city wasn’t bombed, will the lower radiation make equipment degradation happen on a slower scale?
    6) Can the player operate a vehicle?
    7) Will there be add-ons similar to Fallout 3?
    8) Will the game hold more mature oriented content?


  21. I have some questions:

    1. Will any remains of the Enclave be in New Vegas because they were retreating to the west i think.

    2. When is the exact date of release i think it is time to tell the fans :p

    3. Can i have it for free? (LOL JK)

    Thats all my questions.

  22. For the PC version:

    1.What type of graphics will be seen? any DX10 or 11 support or other major changes? Or will it be basically the same as Fallout 3 graphic wise?

    2. I assume there will be a GECK like program with this game, as there was on Fallout 3, (and the Elder scolls 3/4)

    For the console version:

    3. any possibility of User made content, or does legal restrictions on the console versions prevent that from being possible?

    4. Will we be able to play as anything other than a normal human, or is some form of mutated being an option? (with perhaps socials pros and cons, being a ghoul you can go into ghoul only places, but not be allowed into “tenpenny tower” like places, and vice-versa for smoothskins?)

  23. Just a small thing.
    Will the Iguana on a Stick be a Desert Iguana? They range through the entire Mojave desert and are big enough to make a nice meal.

  24. My favorite game is Fallout 3, better than even MW2 keep up the funny, exploration, role-playing series. Here’s some questions:

    1. Can you make a living off of gambling, such as making a ton of money if your risky and successful? That would be insane!

    2. Will the music still stay in the same genre, etc. Alot of Frank Sinatra maybe…

    3. Can the map be even bigger, I love just exploring and just fooling around/free roaming.

    4. Will the weather change into rain, snow, thunder storms, etc (similar to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion)

    5. Have a G.E.C.K. for the Xbox 360 and PS3 would make it amazing.

    6. Can we explore Area 51? There would be more aliens, that would be awesome!

  25. Will there be any rewards in New Vegas for having beaten Fallout 3? Will we hear ANYTHING about what happened to the Brotherhood, Lone Wanderer, Capital Wasteland, etc?

  26. I have just two questionss for the dev team:
    -COuld you please return the classic weapons (rangemaster hunting rifle, Wattz 2000 Laser etc)
    -Can we get a vehicle please? Just one. Even that would be a godsend for the modding community who I’m sure would expand the vehicle pool tremendously.

  27. well hi there, I had a little question about reolutions.
    You see, I have fallout 3 for xbox 360, and I un the game on HD1080p, but it rans slow, so I wonder if I can run it that high, and for it not to be slow.
    Thanks Obsidian and Bethesda.

  28. Three things to ask.

    1. At the end of Mothership Zeta, if Paulson survives, he leaves the ship, never to be seen again. Since New Vegas looks sort of western-y, is it possible that we will see him there?

    2. Is there Harold?


  29. Oh, one thing I forgot, who detailed will character creation be? Can you edit just the face, or the whole body? Like can you make you guy tall/short, fat/skinny, etc?

  30. 3 questions:
    1= Will there be anyway to cancel “dead scenes” by killing on V.A.T.S. mode?

    Will companions have more “inteligency”¿?
    (i mean, when you are fighting some npc and your companion just walks right in your line of fire =/ like just following its encripted way or whatever =/.)

    Npcs and character will act more human?
    (When you’re hurt you just heard some voice but that’s it! the dont move or fell they wounds with their hands, i mean, i fell like im playing with a robot =/.

  31. And still is 1 question for you. Could there be some climbing chance like jumping and grabing some ledges? That would improve the possibilities in combat or just to get around.

    Thanks 🙂

  32. 1.I would like to see my dog in Fallout: New Vegas.
    2.I would like my dog to have a sidequest like the rest of the companions.
    3.Will there be something extra in-game for the people that ordered FNV at gamestop beforhand?


  33. i got tons of questions here, but if there is this hardcore mode that should give player more realistic feeling about the game, so is there going to be something like that player need to sleep like regular human? and is there going to be some meter for hunger?


  34. Even if the Enclave does not make an appearance, yet they are mentioned, is it possible to have the old Advanced Combat Armor Mk I or II. Maybe it could be half buried in the sand somewhere?!