Here’s the final Fallout: New Vegas box art

Its seal of approval still fresh, the final Fallout: New Vegas box art has now made its way here to be officially inducted into the Bethblog gallery.

The lone New California Republic Ranger stands tall above the foreboding New Vegas skyline, daring you to enter his domain and play his video game for 300 hours. We can’t wait to meet him — hopefully while armed with some kind of grenade launcher. A golf club at the very least.

Mysterious as it is, remember to submit your burning New Vegas questions in our ongoing fan Q&A. They might just be answered by the developers behind the game. Note: “What is the ending to the game?” may not be answered.

Reader Comments

  1. Ill take the back left box please! And the front one…. Not that I am going to play it on PS3, but just to support it.

  2. So is the ranger armor the power armor of the game? By that I mean is it commonish like regular power armor(which by the way always had the BOS symbol on the for some reason)or rareish like BOS armor. Or down right common like Enclave armor. The box art looks pretty cool, I hope it has some concept art to go with it!!

  3. @King of the Waste : It’s most probably just a modified version of the combat armor and not a power armor. Going by what we know, the only faction that had the technological knowledge and manpower/infrastructures to produce power armors was the Enclave, and since they’re now on the east coast (and most likely died at the end of Broken Steel) …

    Cool box art by the way 😀

  4. hey….i see XBOXLIVE & PSNetwork in the cover,it may is something stupid to ask but is it going to be a multiplayer?(please say no…)

  5. No, Fallout: New Vegas is a single-player game only.

    PlayStation has changed their packaging recently for PS3, but even Fallout 3 included the Xbox LIVE logo (I think every 360 game does, actually).

  6. Someone made me notice : where’s Obsidian logo?
    There’s the publisher/IP owner logo (Bethesda of course :P) but I can’t see the dev’s logo on the cover.

  7. Likely combat armor, as in Fallout 1 you could get an improved combat armor manufactured by the Brotherhood of Steel that had their logo emblazoned on it, along with an altered color scheme.

  8. How much of Vegas can you explore? I cant wait for this game, I’ve beaten every marked quest in FO3 and I still have fun playing it!

  9. Holy crap, awesomesauce! I freakin’ love Fallout 3 (fave game evar. Beats Uncharted 2). I’m not loving the cover art tho… well, for PS3. I hate the new style of the boxes, it just looks ugly with the black to grey gradient.

  10. so will this ever make its way to steam?, or D2D?

    I’m kinda hoping you (as a developer) will actually take care of both the major and minor bugs and glitches that will be inevitable with a new release?

    also, will any of the world objects be destructible or will it only be certain items, and will most of the items in game actually be useful (like cleaners empty bottles etc.)?

  11. I recently got my hands on FO3. Dunno why I waited this long. I’ve always loved single player story-driven RPGs. I guess I was afraid if it being just another silly shooter. Oh, how wrong I was. I’m now officially addicted.

    First of all, I wouldn’t want FO turn this into yet another network fragging game … However, I personally wouldn’t mind the option of being able to hook up with a friend and play co-op either locally with split-screen or over network. I mean, the Fallout universe is so amazing that it would be just fantastic if it could be shared. But I know it would be difficult to write an extra character in and out of the story at will. Perhaps one should play as the “mysterious stranger”? =) But then again, I suppose a great part of the atmosphere comes exactly from being alone.

  12. Grenade launcher? Golf Club? Heh…hand me a damn gatling laser or a fat boy launcher and I’ll get the job done right.

    Rule 37: There is no “overkill”, just “open fire” and “I need to reload”.

  13. Ooo i can feel the newy smoothness of a fresh game box rubbing against my face. Its like HONEY COMB cereal in the morning with the edge of rich coffee. Suddenly i am awake with excitement of things to come on a glorious new gaming day! Praise Bethesda! Obsidian shall not fail!

  14. I noticed that the PC box art does not have the Games for Windows Live logo on it. I guess it might be behind the Xbox art, but the new boxes have it below the “Games for Windows” text, and have a gold stripe there as well. Does this mean we will not have to suffer through Live?? 🙂

  15. I read in Game Informer that we will have to monitor hydration. Will that be instead of radiation, or in addition to it?
    Also, if any multiplayer will be implimented, it should be that a friend can control your follower if you’ve acquired one already.
    (Frank: They’re Fat Man Launchers, unless you got the MIRV…)

  16. Will there be any type of organized civilization or will it be like fallout 3 which it is all just ruins? Because in the trailer I felt a little disappointed because of the background. Fallout 3 was fun and thanks for your time.

  17. Will it end like fallout 3? not asking
    about the ending, but will we get
    cut off like in fallout3 without the
    broken steel add-on?

    Also, I’ve seen the merc adventurer
    outfit, but, will there still be the
    charmer outfit(in my opinion, best female
    outfit in fallout3).

  18. 1) Is there a release date yet?

    2) Will there be a Pre-Order bonus for pre ordering it from gamestop?

    3)any cool DlC content already being worked on? and do you think you could make more and lower proce to 400msp instead of 800?

    4) Is it true the game will have a darker twist to it? Like have things in it such as prostitution smokeing and more drugs and drinking. Also in the same sense will you be able to have sort of a family? alot of people have asked taht qeustion recently.

    5) TRANSPORTATION!? please tell me there is some sort of Transportation other than Fast Travel. I play Oblivion and other Rpg games that have some other forms of trasportation and i was hopeing to get some in this. that would be cool and make it a little easier to explore the world. I missed alot of Fallout 3 Exploration because of this.

    6) Do you think you could release a demo or something for it on marketplace? Give us a chance to see what its gunna be like. You could restrict us to an area and give us a small task to do and show us how awesome the game is. i know you should have one cause the gameinformer writer said he played a small demo version i geuss. i want that on marketplace demos so i can play it and get a taste of the game before my pre order arrives.

    These are just a few qeustions that I and Alot of Forums and people on Xbox live are all asking. It would be nice if they could be answered.

    Also a bonus Qeustion i wasnt going to ask but friends have asked me about…

    Online play? Now that we have iron sights and stuff some people are asking if there could be an online play similar to the way Red Dead Redemptions online was set up. Just as well i would like to see this work for an Elder Scrolls game too.
    Personaly i dont care about Fallout haveing one or not. I think it would be cool but there are alot of FPS games. plus being late in development and stuff if you hadnt thought of it already there probally isnt time to add it.
    However If you do make a new Elder Scrolls game soon i beg that there is an online play. I play with friends who would love to play co-op missions and Competitive game types in Oblivion. I as well would love that idea. Also considering how many people still play that game now, i think it would be a wise investment and would keep it noticed for a long time. Personaly i would shun call of duty and halo to play an online elder scrolls 😉

    Enough of my ranting though i just thought it would be nice to see if those qeustions could get answered. It would make me and alot of other people happy if you did.

  19. hope there wont be to mutch civvilization, cause there was a nukular was and that wouldent be fun/ will there be the brotherhood and stuff like the first one?

  20. I can’t wait for fallout new Vegas. fallout 3 was awsome and definatly my favorite game Until new Vegas!

  21. The 1st of October is a Friday which isn’t one of the days games come out. I’ve heard reports it’s coming out on the 19th of October. We’ll find out for sure @ E3.

  22. October 19th is the official release date for New Vegas on the 360, playstation, and games for windows. And the obsidion logo will probably end up being on the back cover, not the front. im not sure why they wouldnt put it on the cover, but the article on the top of this page says that the picture they showed us is the finished version (not counting ESRB Rating).I doubt they forget to put the logo on there. they must have put it on the back.

  23. I’d like 2 see Co-op but no online.. u cud work de VAT like resistance fall of man wit de fine focus and evn use it tactically so if 1 ran out u cud use de othr VATS meter

  24. Will there be a combined deal like all of the fallout games in one package deal for like a 100$ deal? or something like that?