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  1. Since it’s in several different places, and the post says he modified his motorcycle, I could only assume it works. Looks absolutely awesome. Build instructions would be awesome, though I don’t even really have a desire to get a motorcycle…

  2. Oh my i could be so violent with one of those to ride. I think i’ll kick up the old Dosbox tonight with some CARMAGEDDON.

    An amazing masterpiece which makes me feel like am in some futuristic computer holographic game where space and place is never an issue when indulging in ones fantasies.

    Thanks for the inspiring beauty Chris Riffel and company.

  3. That looks awesome, however riding it would be the worst as it doesn’t look like it has any suspension. Cool though.

  4. Man, this really makes me want there to be some sort of manufacturable/repairable vehicle in New Vegas. A motorcycle you can build out of scrap, sort’ve like the car in Fallout 2; powered by fusion batteries!

  5. Wow, that’s awesome. I don’t know the first thing about motorcycles, but I wouldn’t mind owning that! Wonder if it runs… and more importantly, if it’s safe 😀 Anyone else notice that Fallout themed stuff would just blend right in with a steampunk collection?