This Fallout 3 laser pistol is made entirely out of paper


Papercraft is really getting out of control. I fear the day that paper finally takes the place of real objects. Like, I’ll be walking to work and realize my shoes are paper shoes. I’ll sit down and say good morning to Matt and his face will come unglued. The walls will fold over and collapse into a pile of colored construction paper, and Todd Howard will emerge from the heap holding an empty bottle of glue, tears in his eyes.

That impressive Fallout 3 laser pistol up there is from Matt Milam of Firebrand Creations. Unfortunately it doesn’t fire paper lasers — yet.

Reader Comments

  1. Ye gads Todd Howard looks short in that picture. Maybe there is some truth to Mini-Todd and Mini-Zodd. Thanks for the view oh marvelous rabbit Princess Stomper!

    Thats an amazing work of papercraft. Could be a very cheap way to create figures and landscapes to see if they’ll work visually ingame before creating the actual graphics models. Could also be another possible path to physical virtual reality games in the future where the worlds are made of very thin flat paper material with computers imaging the textures on to em.

  2. Its 1/1 scale. I printed a profile scaled to my hand out on two sheets of 8.5X11 paper to use for reference and it took up most of the space. I did not measure the gun once complete, but I would have to say its 15″X10″X5″ give or take an inch. On my site you can see a picture of me holding it which should give you a better guage of size.