Canard PC deals a good hand


That’s the May cover of French gaming mag Canard PC, and look at all of those Bethesda games. Even their mascot has been transformed into a hair-donning Vault Hare. Crazy.

It’s on sale now, so French gamers looking for more info on RAGE, Brink, Hunted and Fallout: New Vegas should hit their local newsstands.

Reader Comments

  1. What oh no they didnt just write that in french, Fallout 3 was a masterpiece, New Vegas could be an equal but not a better game.

  2. No, W is right. I’m French so, yes, I do understand French pretty well (o rly?). They do bet on the fact that New Vegas’s gonna be much better than F3.

  3. The Canard PC crew loved Fallout 1 et 2, and was really lukewarm with Fallout 3. They felt it could have been a good game, and, instead, it was only an Oblivion with guns ; and if Canard PC loved Oblivion as a med-fan RPG (they gave it a 9/10, a very rare note) they wanted something else for Fallout. They were really really hard with Fallout 3.

    Now they saw this New Vegas and they say : “Yes, THIS game will be, in our hearts, the real successor to F1 & F2. New Reno was a great passage in Fallout 2, and New Vegas will be a great game in the licence, and will be a great role-playing game. Here is the real Fallout 3.”

    Canard PC is not very kind-hearted with medium games. But when you can touch them, they tell it. They are hard testers, but if you win their heart, they will tell it. In RP games they said : we love Mass Effect 2. We love Alpha Protocol. We already love New Vegas.

    And New Vegas will be much better than F3, we bet it.

    (sorry for this froggies’ english)