The Bethesda E3 2010 Lineup: We’re going to need a bigger booth


E3 is the biggest gaming showcase of the year, and as that headline suggests, our just-announced 2010 lineup is appropriately loaded with big video games.

Brink, RAGE, Hunted and Fallout: New Vegas will all be making appearances during this year’s show, set to run from June 15-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Of course, we’ll be there bringing you every inside scoop we can get our hands on. Expect a steady stream of behind-the-scenes blogs, and maybe even a few interviews. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

Reader Comments

  1. If they don’t unveil TES V at E3 or if their announcement turns out to be a TES mmo I think we should all riot.

    100 plus posts, all about TES V

    Take a hint Bethesda…

  2. @Mr. Tissue Box “Pete Hines denied the secret at E3. I don’t believe him.”

    Yeah, Bethesda has been knowned to lie about their games for a long time 😉
    – You can never be sure about anything they say, unless they truly say they are developing it 😀

    Come on Beth, give us da sh*t aka. da bomb. aka TESV! 😛

  3. I’m going to be upset if there isnt at least a little something mentioned about Bethesda’s next elderscrolls production. I really hope its not an MMO, even though there is more money to be made in an MMO i dont think it will feel right to the elderscrolls’s fan base and won’t be received well. also it will kill the plot like WoW did to Warcraft.

  4. Elder scrolls 5. I cant stay on topic if I know a elder scrolls announcement might be on the horizon. Even just some concept art would be nice.

  5. I just checked all my Oblivion saves and found out that I played 772:58:08 hours in 5 runs in two years. Me thinks it’s time for something new :p
    C’mon Beth give us TES V

  6. TES V wont be a MMO. There may be an MMO coming out, but it wont be TES V. Bethesda Game Studios does not make MMOs, they’ve said it themselves. Zenimax Online, however, does make MMOs. If a TES MMO is ever announced, it will have been made by Zenimax Online, not Bethesda, which is (hopefully) in the process of making TES V.

  7. Damn huey thats 32 days. I thought i had a lot of playing time at 371 hours. But regardless it IS time for something new. YOU HEAR US BETHESDA?? Give us TES V!!!!

  8. Ha 700 hours is nothing, I’ve racked up 2000+ hours on oblivion, and you have no idea how much on morrowind and daggerfall.

  9. we need tes v oblivion is the biggest game i.v ever played i could,nt put down the controller the game is brill we need tes 5 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. I just want to know what you intend on doing with your Skyrim trademark… is it gonna be an MMO, a Travels, TESV, the first FPS set in TES for Cross-bow fanatics to be showcased at QuakeCon?

    Oh, and your Famitsu poll response as “secret” under “surprise” better be TESV, cause if it is some Namco Bandai game getting a Bethesda publishing hand-out you’re gonna get a whole mess of disgruntled emails!

  11. Your fans adore you and this is how you reward them? Toying with us and making us wait four years for TES V is not how you should repay your loyal fans. We’ve been patient enough! We deserve a TES V announcement at E3.

  12. _____ ___ ___ __ __
    |_ _| __/ __| \ \ / /
    | | | _|\__ \ \ V /
    |_| |___|___/ \_/

    We wan’t TES V plain and simple.
    Please, don’t let your Fanbase suffer, give us some appetizer at the E3 this year, this will keep your adoring TES fans happy and satisfied while you still have enough breathing room to make the game.

  13. TES V we want you!PLS bethesda!You have already had enough time to develop your next master piece….PLEASE dont procrastinate on the series that made you what you are today.CMON!CMOOON!!!!!

    COME ON, WE, YOUR LOYAL FANS NEED TES V.Please.Please.Please ;-(

    Also,i that unlike the rumors popping up everywhere it is NOT a mmo or something stupid (sorry) of the sort.pls, we all know the big money is on mmos and etc and so on and so forth but please, i know our hobby is not your charity, and unfortunately the ‘general public’ will buy anything that comes from big names, but we are talking here about the series that made you what you are today, bethesda, you are one of the last studios that still is all about making good,innovative,fun,AWESOMELY AWESOME games.please, please dont mess that up.

    -A loyal fan of yours, from brazil with hope.

  14. I have serious anxiety that I’m going to die before I get to play elder scrolls v. Please don’t make my nightmare come true.

    You guyz make the best games EVA. Thanks for depriving me of hours of life (you know, Ina fun way)


  15. Please share something, anything, from the next Elderscrolls, a simple announcement alone would wet some really dry cracking whistles around here!

  16. bethesda I see your clever plan. I know whats coming.

    don’t think I’m bluffing I know what your trying to do TES V is gonna be an MMO isn’t it! isn’t it! well

    I think you should put in a private server so you can play with friends. kill each other pickpocket each other massacre the entire city. thats what I’m waiting for.

    I’m watching you bethesda. I’m always watching you.

    P.S. fallout new vegas, its gonna be great. just try to make it a little bit easier to play. fallout 3 took me like 3 weeks to finish one of the main quests. its difficult

    P.S.S I think you might revalutionize RPG with a MMO you should do it.

    P.S.S.S last phrase of my rant: project natal + TESV = <3

  17. come on beth, we love what you have announced, but we really need TESV.
    also, on the subject of making it an mmo, i think you should leave it the way TES IV was but with an optional co-op (1-2 or 1-4) via system link or over xbox live.
    lastly, i think i can speak for all of us when i say, “we REALLY want a necromancer’s guild.

  18. You guys need to stop talking about mmos. It is a FACT that The Elder Scrolls V WON’T be an mmo. Todd Howard and his team don’t make mmos. There might be a TES mmo someday, but it won’t be developed by Bethesda (it’ll be made by ZeniMax) and it won’t take the place of TES V. That being said, ANNOUNCE TES V AT E3 DAMMIT!!!

  19. “To be clear, Todd and his team do not make MMOs, for any franchise, at all. We have another division – ZeniMax Online Studios – which is lead by Matt Firor, and they are working on an MMO.”

    TESV will not be, nor should it be, an MMO.

  20. Elder scroll s is a brill game but I can not see it being annocounced at e3 they have five games coming out at the moment and if they anncounce it. Now it with take the focus off the other games tod him self said there will not be anything new to anncounce at e3 he also said that if they had something new it will be anncouned at quakecon I hope I,m wrong but I can’t see it my self