Around the Web II: XBLA Edition

The holiday weekend is over, the calm before the storm ended. Hell on Earth has arrived, and E3 hasn’t even begun.

Yes, DOOM II was released from its demonic portal on XBLA this week, packing in a brand-new campaign and co-op/multiplayer support. Reviews rolled in from Digital Chumps, GamersDailyNews, AngryBananas, CapsuleComputers, 360sync, GamersWithCasts, GoFanboy, Bitmob, NxtGamer, Original Gamer, Bitmob, XXLGaming, GamerDad, XXLGaming, and VGRevolution. Give ’em a read, or just get fragging — either way.

MSN determined the top 50 video games of all time, and luckily we made the list three times with Oblivion, DOOM and Fallout 3. A similar top-50 list from Empire Online examines the best characters of gaming, including Vault Boy. Alucard made it too. He was great in Castlevania III.

In Fallout news, ScrewAttack presented the Top 10 Reasons Why Fallout New Vegas Will Rule. Chris Williams’ essay on retro settings in gaming, “You Say Apocalypse, I Say Retro-chic,” includes a hefty amount of Fallout 3 discussion.

Finally, we’ve got four previews (one for each of our  games heading to our E3 booth): PlayStation Lifestyle checks out Brink, Atomic Gamer gets down with RAGE, Resume Play reports on Fallout: New Vegas, and OXM explores Hunted.

Less than two weeks to go. Hang on.

Reader Comments

  1. Read the retro settings article on Kotaku. Excellent read. I just couldn’t believe that I hadn’t consciously made that connection. I did find the decaying 50s like setting in F3 unusually unnerving and perhaps even depressing…

  2. Anyway, why is it not coming to PSN? A good sales of PS3 are not convincing enough? I have a PS3, and I’m a huge fan of DOOM, and I want to play a new episode on my PS3. I’m not gonna buy a CrapBox 360.