New Vegas Gameplay footage at IGN!


Happy Friday… especially for those looking for new details on Fallout: New Vegas!

Just a little bit ago, IGN released an exclusive first look at gameplay footage. Watch it here or after the break below. Elsewhere, Xbox 360 Achievements has a new interview up with Project Director Josh Sawyer, while Front Towards Gamer Radio interviews Senior Producer Larry Liberty in a recent podcast.

Also worth checking out, Planet Fallout received a New Vegas-themed makeover today. Check out their New Vegas page (which you can contribute to), and be on the lookout for new stuff in the coming months.

And remember, E3 is right around the corner, so we’ll have plenty more to share on New Vegas soon.

Reader Comments

  1. I felt a little flutter when I saw that they have the Fallout 3 rugs in there! Looks like I’m going to be right at home. Of course, it’s going to be great checking out all the new features – and, first and foremost, the new story and characters.

  2. Excellent looking environments that feel very lived in compared to the stark desolation consumed radioactive ruins of FALLOUT 3.

    Dialogue and companion system looks fantastic with a fun magnetism to it making me want to use it with no hesitation.

    Thank you for the preview and..the things to come…

  3. The gameplay was outstanding and not an over-selling game, I am going to be looking foward to pre-ordering this and enjoing every minute of this game. Gameplay is same but twicked alittle better but we’ll see if its as good as Fallout 3.

  4. [I’ve got an idea, Bethesda… Announce the damn game we all want.

    Left by GIVE ME TESV NOI on June 4th, 2010 ]

    You never know Bethesda may announce TES V is on sale that very day at E3 after a week long night run of sneaky secret shipments to stores nationwide perhaps even..GLOBAL. Then you would still have FALLOUT NEW VEGAS to look forward to in the fall. Oh my how i dream paradise!

  5. Bethesda = Elder Scrolls series, and even great Fallout doesn’t change that. So we all waiting for ESV at E3, not some New Vegas stuff… keep it in mind Beth ! :]

  6. Interesting gameplay, but I don’t like Gamebryo 🙁 Especially its animation.

    P.S. Give us The Elder Scrolls V. The difficult, clever and great game like Morrowind. I’ve been waiting that for three years!

  7. My Beth, thank you for the update, and never mind the quick mouths, we’re going to wait for “it’s” proper date announcement!lol

    Thank you.

  8. [My Beth, thank you for the update, and never mind the quick mouths, we’re going to wait for “it’s” proper date announcement!lol

    Thank you.

    Left by Maldenya on June 5th, 2010]

    I’m not willing to wait anymore. Announce the freaking game!

  9. Well, I think it’s pretty obvious they’re working on the certain fifth game. Is the announcement really going to change that much ?

    Vegas looks neat so far, I just hope the weirdness of the game world won’t be over the top. And good point about the rugs…

  10. Yes I think that Bethesda is working on elder scrolls 5 but it will not be anncounced at e3 becouse pete Hines him self said don’t expect any new anncouncements at e3 but hope I,m wrong elder scroll is a great game I put 2000hours in to the game and played it 7 times and still play it.I do like elder scilla better than fallout .so the bottom line is anncounce the god damn game I know mr Hines reads these comments so mr Hines anncounce the game it,s what your fans want you know it will be a hit .