Here’s answers to your Fallout: New Vegas questions, part 1


See those Super Mutants in the screenshot above? According to Josh Sawyer, Project Director on Fallout: New Vegas, the one’s you’ll see in the game will actually be re-textured, remodeled, and re-animated to more closely resemble the Mariposa Super Mutants. That’s just one of the answers in Part 1 of our Fallout Fan Interview — now up in the Fallout: New Vegas forums.

You guys submitted tons of great questions, and we hope you enjoy some of the answers courtesy of Josh (as well as a cameo from Jason Bergman). Start reading the answers here, and tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion.

Reader Comments

  1. After seeing what happened with Alpha Protocol, I am so terrified to see what Obsidian will do with Animating and/or texturing a Fallout game.

  2. Yes mine got answered. First time ever i got a question answered for one of theese thing :-).

    I only have one thing to say. Slugs for the win!!!

    arh ok 2 things then, finally someone that understands the importance of the ammo of a weapon, and home loads are you kidding!? It’s gonna be great!

  3. Great QA.
    I love that you decided to go with steam and not GFWL, because MS is utterly incapable to make GFWL worth anything. Steam is amazing compared to that.
    I like that some animations are improved – maybe we will even see, *gasp*, diagonal walking animation, dare I say?

  4. I am a little disappointed that you chose to go with Steamworks. I don’t like binding single player games to Steam. But at least we won’t have the annoying GFWL overlay.

  5. GFWL is going to be missed. I know all the me too people hate microsoft.. and how evil GFW is… but it made a very easy method for the developer to provide DLC, being it only had to release it on LIVE and PSN. Seeing how this choice also means I wont be able to get achievements, I wont buy this for the PC. Sad to say it, because I have owned every other fallout game on the pc.. Please go back to GFWL.

  6. Ditto several others here: I don’t like Steam either- and I don’t have an internet connection [budget issue], so I have to cart my rig over to a friend’s house- bummer. Is there a contradiction somewhere about developing a single player RPG you have to be hooked into a community to validate? Anyway…

  7. Question: Will there be another alien abduction in the future of Fallout:NV possibly?..

    When is the actual release date for the game here in the US? (XBox 360)

    One last thing, if I see an idea for a game add-on, who may I contact about it?

  8. If Obsidian was not responsible for the last fallout, who was?

    What is GFWL?

    Will the missile launcher be as bad as it was in fallout 3?

    Will we see excellent animation, which is smooth and realistic to allow ease of operation and aiming such as we saw in deadspace?

  9. Couldnt the error in reload time and damage per second in the rocket launcher be fixed by making the clip carry like 5 rounds? This fixes the damage per second problem and reload, but there was still little ammo for it in fallout 3 so maybe the damage should be half of the fat man and just keep the rest the same.

    Also repairing weapons is kind of cool (I guess) but why should you have to go to merchants constantly just to make your weapons do a decent amount of bang for buck? I think this problem could be solved by not making weapons and armor do less damage resistance/damage and just make clothes slow you down when they are damaged (sounds silly unless you are thinking power armor) and weapons are less accurate (slightly) but jam up alot. This way you are not forced to shell out a crap load of caps just to have decent equiptment. All this could be fixed by just having weapons like the rocket launcher not lose like half of its damage because its worn, because thats impossible in real life anyway. There are many solutions to this.

  10. i have a question
    i ove all the fallout games because they are wonderful
    but the thing is i think it’s pity that the player isn’t able to control a vehicle (maybe a vertibird or something)
    i was just wondering why not …

    thank for submitting
    and sorry if my eng. is bad
    because i am dutch

  11. I beat Fallout 1 a year before, and that was after Fallout 3. In fallout 1, weapons and armor dont degrade. I think in fallout NV weapons should not lose damage, but jam up and lose accuracy (slightly) and armor should not lose damage resistance, but rather need repairs occasionally when broke. It is rediculous when something like power armor has a DR of 15, even if it is almost broken, key word almost (seriously, it is laughable when you are lvl 15 kicking enclave’s butt, heads flying off with a few shots). If anything please dont let a weapon/armor lose half Dmg/DR, more like 10% or 25% when nearly broken. And I was very happy to have unbreakable stuff from Op Anchorage, not just because I had more caps, but because I didnt have to worry about it mid battle.

  12. I already mentioned deadspace, but seriously, that game had a lot of polish. Fallout 3 was an addicting game, even to the end, but I found it painful to replay the game because it just caused me to notice all of its flaws. I played Fallout 3 on my computer and beat alot of it, and was still compelled to buy the game of the year edition for my ps3. Even on my second replay I did not cringe or get bored, in fact I pulled an all nighter playing Anchorage. Hearing this should tell you that im not saying Fallout 3 was awful, but painul to replay because of the lack of polish, the stiff repetitive animations, and many other things. I did not get bored until my 3rd playthrough, because by then there was a few days worth of time spent on Fallout 3. Deadspace had the subtle touches that kept you in its atmosphere. There were never glitches I dont think, not that the occasional glitch is something that makes me explode, or doesnt sometimes make me laugh sometimes. In deadspace, when your character moved, in any direction, in any speed, it was smooth, and Isaac didnt just suddenly skip an animation and suddenly start running, no, he had many animations strung together to provide smooth realistic animation. He even ran diagonally, no, in all directions! Hopefully at least that will be in NV. I cant think of other things to comment on so that might be all.

  13. There was not a large diversity of faces and voices in the capital wasteland. In fallout NV, please include more preset faces, and it might be cool to include a preset face of the vault leader from fallout 1, cant remember his name. I do this comment stuff at night so thats why I sound like a 5 year old. I repeated and came back to some stuff that was probably better left short like it was in my first comments.

  14. Will there be destructable terrain of any sort?? (i.e the frostbite engine in bad company 2)
    Also will there be any cloaking devices/armour or power armour in fallout new vegas?

  15. I tried to go through facebook but it just goes to my homepage and I dont know where to go from there. It doesnt matter though anymore. This blog was part of all that though right? So do our questions get answered, or have we all missed the train?

  16. Will the outfits actually provide any actual function other then defense against attacks? Such as if a raider outfit is worn will raiders initially think that the player is not a threat.

  17. Umm… am I blind and dumb..? How the hell do you activate Loyal’s detinator on the dock after it starts beeping? …After you have put the floatation devices on the B-29 of course..

  18. I got the “I forgot to remember to forget” quest from Boone and he told me to go to bitter springs with him. But he will not do any thing. He follows me and still dose what he is supposed to but he doesn’t say anything about what happened. Is this a problem that can be fixed?

  19. I was hoping someone may be able to help me here please

    The new Fallout New Vegas game is brilliant and I have just started playing it but what I want to know is…
    There seems to be a lot of side quests for The NCR and I want to join factions with Caesars Legion, but was wondering if for instance I did a few side missions for the NCR then the Legion would not let me join them…? even though I cant find them yet… hope someone can help and that I havnt made the question too confusing, thanks