Fallout: New Vegas Developer Diary #1 — Feargus Urquhart


In the first Fallout: New Vegas developer diary, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart gives us the low-down look at the team working on the latest post-apocalyptic RPG odyssey.

As a studio manager that also worked on the original Fallout, Feargus recounts his experience in giving the team a hand:

To help, I ended up polishing up one of the larger areas of the game, the Hub, and also finished up a couple of the later areas – the Boneyard and Adytum. I made some good decisions and some bad ones. My addition of a quest in the Hub to get a special gun turned out to be a fun quest that people liked, while my addition of the Turbo Plasma Rifle unbalanced the game. It was near the end of the game, but it’s still one of those things where I look back and go “Feargus…..”.

We forgive you, Feargus. Check out the full dev diary on the official Fallout site.

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