IGN offices: No one ever enters, no one ever leaves


This week we got a note from David Clayman, Executive Editor at IGN, who shared with us plenty of pics of their conference room, which is now a real-life tribute to Vault 101. Below David explains the transformation that took place.

“The conference room was completed by Me, Erik Brudvig, Kevin Janiak, and Peer Schneider. There are a few details that don’t show up that well on camera like the pile of bobby pin lock picks, a fake blood pack, Lincoln’s repeating rifle, and many scattered bottle caps. Also, I personally sewed the extra star on that flag.”

David also mentioned the jukebox plays music from Fallout 3. Pretty sweet, though I’m going to have to re-think my bedroom re-modeling plans. Maybe I’ll rebuild Kvatch instead.

More pics after the break…









Reader Comments

  1. Lets see their true FALLOUT devotion when it comes to drinking the experimental version of Nuka Cola before the bombs dropped.

    Fantastic office setup. Oh man! They even have a can of CRAM and that lunch box of caps its like a dragons treasure chest! So sparkly and shiny!

    Ooo and that Pipboy…..

  2. Man i love that you guys took the vault 101 theme so far now i dont feel so crazy for loving Fallout 3 so much and nearly wetting my pants when i heard that New Vegas waz coming out lol my gamertag is pacothaxman1325 if anyone wants to hit me up on Live

  3. Ha! I would love the advertising posters – the SugarBombs one would look great in my kitchen! Very cool conference room.

  4. To the Four, Fine Wastelanders of IGN:

    I will supply you all the Blamco Mac & Cheese and Nuka Cola you could ever want if you would be willing to recreate the homey (read: nuclear) warmth of Megaton in my Tennessee basement.

    Much obliged 🙂

  5. p-p-please let me have the life size brotherhood of steel soldier, it looks awesome 🙂 nill love you forever and ever hehe

  6. owowowowow…..!!!!!!!!!!

    man what a great great great room!!!!!

    now you guys just wear the wastelander’s clothing somedays. like elder lyon’s, lucas simms, mr. crowley and fawkess too !!!!

    man, i need that lunchbox to make some mines. hell home!!!

  7. Totally cool! Maybe Bethesda will market a complete line of replicas of the bobbleheads of Pipboy like in the game. Rebuild Kvatch….before, or after the Daedra took it out looking, for Martin????