Insane Oblivion mod “Nehrim” finally coming out tomorrow

That? That’s the release trailer for “Nehrim,” an Oblivion mod by esteemed group SureAI — makers of the Morrowind total conversion “Arktwend” and the Fallout 3 mod “Cube Experimental.”

But as is readily apparent, Nehrim is no ordinary mod.

Developed over a period of four years — yes, you read that right — Nehrim is an immense piece of work. According to SureAI, the total conversion contains:

555840 objects in 9622 loading areas (levels) and is inhabited by 1285 non-player characters, some of them friendly, others hostile.. 1616 scripts take care of offering the players enough variety in the 35-part main quest as well as in the about 30 side quests. In the German version, you can hear 56 professional voice actors, while the nearly 50 new and self-composed pieces of music can be enjoyed internationally. On top of that, there are a lot of new weapons, armours and spells. Referring to the testers, the game can hold you busy for about 40-50 hours.

And according to SureAI’s Dennis Weich, it’s all finally being unleashed for download tomorrow. While only the German version will be released initially, an English version is coming, and we’ll have an interview with the team to coincide with the latter release. In the meantime, visit SureAI’s site or their ModDB page for more info.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow… I’m totally blown away by this. I’ve been working on a mod for 18 months and after seeing this, it makes me feel so inadequate! (lol). Looks Fantastic!

  2. Great obssessions of Sheogorath! Its like TES V or a modern day version of TES 2 DAGGERFALL. A world alive!

    Truly the Germans are hardcore all the way!

    Thanks for the information.

  3. Yay! This awesome total conversion mod will be released in the next hours after writing this comment! Finally! ^___^

    I follow this stunning project since 2008, and I never cease to be amazed by the works done by these very talented modders.

    I don’t understand German, but I’ll try this mod, despite the fact that I won’t understand all the dialogs, popups and quests, only for exploring the beautiful and unique world of Nehrim!

    Congrats to the SureAI team for their amazing job!!! : )

  4. Wow, this is absolutely mind blowing. With a core team of 9 people they’ve built a game close to the size of Oblivion… seems like I’m gonna need to get Oblivion for the PC soon, hopefully by the time the english version comes out.

  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Bethesda could offer this up on XBox Live as an add-on once the english version were out? I’m stuck away from my desktop PC for a year and my netbook surely doesn’t handle Oblivion haha! Got it for XBox though! Amazing-sounding mod!!!

  6. Nehrim isn’t an expansion. It’s not a just a module either.


    There is no Tamriel in Nehrim. No Akatosh, Cyrodiil, Morrowind… nothing. And of course I’m not surprised to see someone mention the xbox when they saw it. 🙁

    It’s an entirely new game using Oblivions’ resources and construction as it’s base.

  7. I wish my grasp of German was better, this TC looks like it should be played in German! Maybe I’ll have to brush up a bit…

  8. WooooW

    Screw it I can’t speak German…………. BUT I’ll just have to pick it up whilst playing this AWESOME looking MOD 🙂

    Much Respect to the Devs

  9. Congratulations to the developing Team!
    You’ve done an insane amount of work, I am sure, and more importantly – completed it (I’ve seen a number of huge projects stall somewhere in the middle stages when I was into modding myself).

    Thank you, and I will surely enjoy this mod!

  10. By azura by azura by azura! Its the new mod! I cant believe its new and may be downloaded by me. Pretty slick looks nice. sadly The 360 is my oblivion machine. and I cant speak German. Oh well I tip my Helm to someone who has been working on a mod for four years “Longer then I have even played the game itself may I add” Fantastic work nearly breathtaking!

  11. I wonder whether the development team might be interested in recruiting volunteers to record the dialogue in English? If so, I should very much like to put myself forward. I don’t have any professional experience in voice acting, but I am an experienced public speaker and have always been told I have a very listenable voice, as well as being good at putting on a wide range of accents (my natural one being a fairly archetypal received pronunciation English – i.e. Hollywood British English, for those who aren’t aware what that means!). I’d love an opportunity such as this to gain some experience in voice acting.

    If any of the developers read this and are interested at all, or if anyone else who knows anything about the project could put me on to the developers, the link is to my Twitter page, which should be as good a way to make contact as any!

  12. i hope bethersoft buys this mod and somehow makes it compatible with the 360 version of tes iv, so that they can put it on xbox live as dlc. even if they wouldn’t do that, i would buy this game separately as is, this just looks incredible, and as for SureAI, this would actually make a good investment, they could make a lot of money, also a good investment for the players as well. Truly an incredible mod; also i hope the English version has the same effort level in voice acting