Preorder Fallout: New Vegas on Steam, get great deals on Bethesda games


It’s Bethesda Weekend on Steam, and that means we’ve taken over the Steam store frontpage. Not by force this time, but rather by offering awesome deals on Bethesda games for anyone that preorders Fallout: New Vegas.

Go here to reserve your copy of New Vegas and get the Caravan Pack pre-order bonus. Additionally, they’re running the following sales:

  • 50% off on Fallout 3 GOTY ($24.99)
  • 66% off on Oblivion GOTY ($8.50)
  • 75% off on Morrowind GOTY ($5.00)

Or, you can pick up all three games plus New Vegas for just $88.48. That should more than keep you busy until New Vegas is released this fall.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey Nick, pre-order version looks very nice, but for me there’s a crucial question: if any DLC’s will be launched for New Vegas… will they be launched as individual DLC’s also on Steam?

    Because I’m not making the same mistake again of buying the game early and then not having DLC’s available on Steam… only later GOTYE editions.

    If you assure me 100% that DLC’s will be also launched there as individual ones, I’ll pre-order the game right now.

  2. For how long is this sale going up? I really want to buy Fallout 3 GOTY but I haven’t got the money just yet… T.T

  3. I am a big fan of steam(valve) and also bethesda,Now with the two together was more than good … I have all games from both companies =)…I would like to get a poster of fallout new vegas Autographed.

  4. I’m not making the mistake of buying the standard edition on steam, only to have a digital deluxe version come out just before or after release in October, which has happened when I’ve pre-ordered other games on Steam. I already own all the other Beth games, so there is no incentive to pre-order at this early stage, and I’d rather wait until closer to release.