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  1. Thats one gorgeous Eyebot. Love the setup of it gliding down the highway like a sports car 😀

    Fantastic trailer richly thick with all the things to come. Weapons capture that handmade salvaged look of FALLOUT 3 perfectly. I will definitely be feeling at home here. Oh my and New Vegas! City of lights! City of love! Now where have i heard that before..

    Thank you for the trailer and congratulations on its release which can only mean the time is drawing near 😀

  2. remote explosives!
    badass Nighkin!
    cooler melee animations!
    iron sights!
    Rat Pack-style suit!
    the Strip!
    different creatures!
    lots of ‘splodey things!

  3. Nice! Can’t wait for game to come out even more than before! I have one question though…what in the name of god were those dogs?? @_@

  4. Nice video, but it looks like footage from the console versions. Why don’t they use footage from the PC version with the highest graphics settings?

  5. to Henke:
    They said in an interview all gameplay footage currently hasn’t been retextured, as it will in the final version.

  6. sadly I believe that bethesda and obsidian could have done better with the trailer, but I’m not saying thats its bad, I’m saying that they could have done better regardles if it is or isn’t the final trailer.

  7. i didnt see lot of ai people in the city whick would make it feel like a grost that one thing i hate in the fallout 3 hopeful that put more people in it. it vegas theres got to be a lot of people in the city

  8. yeah folks, the graphics look crappy. even crappier than Fallout 3! why? stuff is lacking final textures, and in 3D work lighting and atmosphere are some of the last things handled. so the game looks poor because, in many of the shots, everything is too evenly lit or there’s a lack of haze/dust to really bring the scene together. compare the shot of the training camp (PC walking with NPCs doing push-ups) to the shot of the enemy group being lit up by a remote explosive. the training camp (while it still seems to need work) has haze and HDR lighting, while the explosives shot seems to completely lack haze and depth lighting.

    i agree with FoxyGrandma (you don’t say that every day). it’s not THAT great of a trailer, entertainment- or suspense-wise. the editing is OK, the pacing is a bit weird, and there could have been better use of the “big moments” and VATS shots. they obviously don’t want any spoilers, but it could have been much more exciting with a simple -> crazy progression of shots.