E3 Week: More answers to your New Vegas questions


Over at the Bethesda Softworks forums, we’ve put up the rest of the answers to for our Fallout: New Vegas Fan Interview. Once again, Project Director Josh Sawyer has come through answering questions you’re dying to know. Questions like?

Will there be character “traits” as in the classic Fallout games?
From @TheBearPaw via Twitter

JS: Yes. During character creation, you will have the option to select one or two traits. Traits include some of the classics, like Small Frame (in F:NV it gives a bonus to AG but you break limbs more easily), and new ones, like Four Eyes (bonus to PE while wearing glasses, penalty while not).

To check out the rest of the questions that got answered, head on over to the forums.

Reader Comments

  1. This is some of the best news I have read about Fallout game since forever. No stat boosting lore breaking bobbleheads? Traits are back? 3 forms of currencies that make sense? (governments screwing their people with fiat currencies 300 years into the future huh). Definitive ending with ending resolutions?GECK on release? Possibility to finish the game without killing anyone or with killing everyone? Are my dreams coming true or WHAT?

  2. I will never understand this obsession with playing after finishing the game. Why can’t you simply explore the world and do all that stuff, you know, before finishing the main quest?
    When I finish the main quest, I am done with the game..there isn’t any motivation to continue anymore for me. And when you make a definitive ending, it can be that much stronger.For me it is definitly good. I just hope Obsidian won’t cheapen it by DLC (in case the ending is good. With FO3 the ending was pretty bad so the Broken Steel improved it).

  3. While I see the merit in both having a closed ending or a continuance, I prefer the latter. Granted, it’s less dramatic and concrete to continue on, but I prefer focusing on the main quest for the most part without interruption, because I figure it better replicates how a protagonist would really go about a mission he or she was serious about, typically. Continuing on after the story’s conclusion to unfinished side quests and hunts allows the player to play out the life that he or she has established for their character in the main quest. In that case, when everything’s said and done, the player is presented with having to walk away from the game uncelebrated and without a bang eventually, but there’s something realistic in that too that I can appreciate. Given Obsidian’s decision, I’ll live.

  4. Aw. Kinda sad about the ending but… I’ll just do what I did in f3. The ending though, if it’s definite, then it better be pretty darn good

  5. From one of things about one perk every two levels seems not very enjoyable to add as a new tweak to the perks system for people who will play the game. I really hope that kind of tweak does not make it because I and I’m sure that others do liked the same perk system way that Fallout 3 had. As a gamer, I do love it about Fallout New Vegas is coming out in fall but some the changes that I looked at from the Bethesda Blog changes my thought about buying and playing Fallout New Vegas.

  6. Well I’m Not for the closed ending, especially with a Fallout game.

    Well I don’t see how DLC would cheapen the game, and I will almost bet on there being some DLC in the planning proces.

  7. DLC that ret-cons the ending cheapens the ending of the game – if the ending is good. If it sucks, like in FO3, it can improve the game, which I acknowledged.
    The difference between closed ending and open ending is that with closed, you can make it really strong, emotional..providing, you know, closure. With open…not so much.
    But I can appreciate argument of Sic552 – I would not enjoy playing after the main quest, because it kind of feels meaningless to me, but I understand the position.

    As for perks every 2 levels – that is actually great. I would prefer perk every 3 levels, like it was in Fallout 1 and 2 (it was 4 levels if you took a trait that gave you bonuses to skills, even). Perk should be something quite rare, something you spend some time agonizing over, deciding, weighing pros and cons, something that defines the character..
    Fallout 3 had plenty of perks, but extremely large number of them were pretty meaningless and or generic stat boosters. I LOVE that Obsidian is taking different route here.

  8. Glad to hear bobbleheads wont improve skills. Seemed a bit “magical” in FALLOUT 3.

    Great about there being an ending. Maybe there will be multiple endings where you can live or die and still be victorious or live/die and lose the end game. No matter what am sure it will be an action packed blood curdling hair rasing outcome 😀

  9. Holy crap.

    Despite my fear of Obsidian taking a big dump on the textures and anims for this game (Alpha Protocol, I’m staring right at you)… A GECK at release and added functionality just insured my purchase of the Collectors Edition.

    At least I’ll have something worth modding and playing till we see Arcania, or TES V.

  10. @ Z. Daniel Phoenix
    [Despite my fear of Obsidian taking a big dump on the textures and anims for this game (Alpha Protocol, I’m staring right at you)… A GECK at release and added functionality just insured my purchase of the Collectors Edition.]

    I support this, Collectors Edition for sure! 😀

  11. “Will the Fallout: New Vegas Version of the GECK ship with the game, or be downloadable on release?
    From @The3rdType via Twitter

    JS: Yes. In addition to the normal GECK functionality F3 modders have come to expect, the F:NV GECK will allow modification of ammo lists, ammo subtypes, the hardcore “basic needs” rates, and a lot of the other new bits of data we have added. It will also contain the F:NV dialogue editor, which can be used with or without the standard F3 dialogue editor.”

    I’ll be buying New Vegas then! I’ll inform the raving hordes at the Nexus promptly.

  12. i loved fallout 3, there should be an open ending because i want to explore everything, if you dont want to play the game after the main quest then dont, no one is sitting behind you telling you to play the game. with an open ending i can do everything and travel where i want at the level cap, then kill everyone and not have to worry because i already beat the game. an open ending will give us more choices, that said i hope a dlc will come out that will let me play the game after i beat it, like broken steel, NCR FTW

  13. How is multiplayer going to work? Will it be like playing fallout 3 with another person, or will on parts of the game play be avalible