E3 Week: Watch live demos of RAGE, Fallout and Brink


The best E3 events are the ones that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own television seat. That makes this week pretty fantastic, as all of our games will be getting live-streamed across two separate networks at some point.

G4 streamed their demo of Hunted yesterday, and today they take a live look at Fallout: New Vegas, planned for airtime around 5pm. They’ll be back again on Wednesday for a taste of id’s stunning shooter RAGE at 2:30pm.

GameTrailers TV takes its tour on Thursday, with live demos of RAGE, Fallout: New Vegas and Brink airing consecutively around 3pm.

There’s a lot to keep track of on top of that, but we’ll keep you updated with airtimes via Twitter and Facebook. And if you miss the shows, we’ll post any footage on Bethblog as it becomes available.

Update: Also be on the lookout for video coverage at IGN. On Wednesday, they’ve scheduled times to look at Hunted, New Vegas, and Brink. Tune in again on Thursday for RAGE. Check out the full schedule here.

Reader Comments

  1. Great screenshot of RAGE. Love all the details and eye catching colors.

    Heh pretty cool to be enjoying E3 from ones home thanks to what technology has made possible with things like live streaming.

    Thanks for the futuristic sci-fi coolness 😀

  2. Looks good but…. I still don’t see a certain game with a V in it’s name and I think the initials of it should be TES?
    Hmmm… TES:V – Yes please 😀

  3. If you announce a TES V I (along with many other people) will be the happiest man in the universe…Well if that wouldn’t really make me the happiest in the universe if they are too..Well I’d still be very happy..You know what, never mind just announce TES V. Please?

  4. Can’t wait for that Rage footage.
    Just a second ago i was on shacknews.. please dont let those guys in uninvited, look at the crap report they left behinde what a disgrace.
    And all those comments from people are awefull cause of that awefull report.
    Way to ruin a great game from ID software.
    Gamers these days have no respect for legends such as ID software it pisses me off !
    Whomever that guy was from shacknews is pretty stupid aswell he can’t even tell the difference between flags.

  5. For the love of god, release direct feed gameplay footage of Rage.

    It’s so frustrating reading these awesome firsthand reports, then we get 4 screenshots or a year-old trailer spliced into an interview.

  6. I just seriously can’t believe Bethesda’s given its loyal Elder Scrolls fanbase the finger yet again this year. Maybe TES V will be some last minute announcement?

    Probably not though, I know.

    Guess revamping a dead franchise, then publishing other peoples IP’s paid better, huh?

  7. bleh… that IGN interview was lame. no fault of the FO:NV crew (please, please, please make it possible for mere mortals to get an NCR flag shirt!!!), it’s more that the interviewer didn’t really ask interesting questions… half the interview was spent on gambling! everyone knows how that works, and while an interesting part of FO:NV it’s by no means new or unique.

    if they were going to do anything about gambling then let us see how Caravan is played – it’s new! and if the general focus was The Strip then i would have asked about casino missions, factions, currency, reputation (per casino or for all of NV?), the relationship of NCR and CL with NV…

    at least there was one juicy, juicy tidbit dropped: there’s a reason NV wasn’t nuked, possibly beyond mere military priority.

  8. I am officially interested in The Hunted now. I got very nostalgic over it getting that grim, real fantasy feel (somewhat like the diablo feel) with the old school Gauntlet action. I was also surprised at how pretty it looked in action: Wow…

    New Vegas has been on my radar since my love affair with Fallout 3, and I’m very much looking forward to that. Brink may be the first FPS game since Bioshock that I’ll get into (the first competitive one since Duke3D :O). Rage however… I’m not sure about, didn’t see enough yet to fully understand or appreciate it. You guys could do a little better in distancing it from seeming like a copy of Fallout (constructive criticism, and many people feel this way, not that you don’t know :P).

    Disappointed about no TES announcement, but we have QuakeCon coming up in August where I hope we’ll see something… I understand that you wouldn’t want to eclipse your other games with such an announcement, so bravo on the PR move :).