E3 Round-up Part 1: Video Walkthroughs

E3 may be over, but videos and previews are still going up, and there’s already a mountain of coverage out there for Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted, RAGE and Brink.

We’ll be sorting through all of it in the next few days, but before we jump on planes, here is just some of the video coverage that has now made its way to the internet for convenient viewing. Feel free to share any other links you’ve spotted in the comments — we’ll add them to the post as we find them.





Reader Comments

  1. the G4TV and GameTrailers coverage was sooooo much better than IGN’s!

    plus this is plenty of fodder for superfans doing frame-by-frame analysis! lots of interesting things in the inventory screens, both items and UI…

  2. I’m honestly excited for all of them, and the BEST part is they’ll all be on the PS3 too!! Lets just hope FONV is less glitchy then 3 was, albeit 3 wasnt terribly glitchy, and most were funny…but the random crashes were noooooo good! Brink and Rage both blow my mind though.

  3. Rage and brink looks pretty cool and can’t wait for fallout L.v if there,s any new anncouncement they will be anncounced at quakecon now

  4. E3 2005 \../ oh yeah… 😉

    I was actually impressed with The Hunted, which surprised me. New Vegas, Hunted, and Brink all look great, but I can wait for them… unlike other things….

  5. A sparkly starry collage of rainbow colors kissing the neurons and turning the addictive pleasures to full blast.

    FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS looks alive with all sorts of one of a kind action like a weekend trip to the amusement park where every moment is filled with wonder. Very exciting environment.

    Love the grenade launcher and how the sneak skill can be used to sneak weapons into the casino.

    This definitely has its own character separate from FALLOUT 3.

    Thanks for the great preview.

  6. They all look good, but RAGE….wow.

    iD tech 5 just looks jaw-droppingly amazing. It makes me a little sad to think that TESV will probably still be using gamebryo 🙁