RAGE E3 Roundup: Awards and Accolades (Updated)

RAGE made quite the splash at this year’s E3, garnering game-of-the-show awards and plenty of positive impressions from the gaming press.

We’ve corralled a large portion of these links for your digestion, including tons of gameplay footage and detailed previews. Check it all out below:

IGN Gameplay Footage, Impressions: “It sounded pretty good to most of us at IGN that saw it, winning game of the show for E3 2010.”

GameTrailers: Stage Walkthrough Part 1, Part 2, Interview

G4TV Gameplay Footage

1UP Stage Demo

GameSpot Live Demo

VentureBeat: “it truly looks like a next-generation game, as if somebody came out with a new game console and only id got to make a game for it.”

The New York Times: “There is no doubt that Rage will be one of next year’s biggest games.”

GamePro: “Easily one of the best looking video games I’ve seen so far at E3 2010 (there’s still a day and a half of the show left), Rage blew me with its rich, vibrant settings powered by id’s new graphics engine.”

GameInformer: “What we’ve seen of Rage thus far looks promising. As we’ve yet to get hands-on time with the game we can’t comment in that capacity, but id’s pedigree in the FPS genre leaves us little to worry about.”

Kotaku: “The game seems well suited to the id Software brand name — whether or not it reaches the heights of previously id titles is hard to say without actually playing the game. One thing is certain, though, this game looks great.”

GamesRadar: “Yes, Rage might be my game of the show. It’s a tight, focused, incredibly refined yet utterly playable shooter from the folks who invented the FPS.”

Eurogamer: “Rage is a beautiful-looking shooter and there are some intriguing gameplay ideas being implemented here. It’s impossible to say whether this game will have the same instant impact and lasting influence as titles like Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. But who better to have a go at replicating their brilliance than the people who made them in the first place?”

CNN: The most buzzed about games of E3 2010

1UP: Top 10 Best Looking Games of E3

World News Network: id Software’s Rage looks to up the ante on the FPS genre

Gaming Excellence: Best Shooter Nominee

AP Alt Press: 10 Must-Have Games from E3

CNET: “This was one of the more impressive demos we saw from the tech side, and it also looked like a fun post-apocalyptic shooter.”

AFP: “Rage, Brink, and Bulletstorm were among promising new titles getting rave reviews.”

AVault: “Despite being early in development (Rage is set for a release sometime in 2011), the game ran at a solid 60 fps on the Xbox 360 in my E3 demo.”

Patrick Klepek (G4) on Twitter: “Just saw the full Rage demo. Whoa. Take your time with Fallout 4, Bethesda. We have Rage to look forward to.”

Aeropause: “It was easily the best looking game at E3 and my pick for the game of the show.”

Shacknews: “The game is looking gorgeous and showing progress with each showing”

Sarcastic Gamer: “The game is simply gorgeous on the Xbox 360; it may be the best looking game I’ve ever seen on the console.”

GamerLimit: “This game just jumped to near the front of the line for my most anticipated 2011 titles.”

Kombo: “Rage is Id’s first new IP in over ten years, and the demo shown today proves that the Wolfenstein developer still knows what gamers want.”

The Escapist:I could definitely see it being a big hit and franchise-starter for Id.

ScrawlFX: “The first thing I noticed in the Rage demo we were being shown (which ran off of an Xbox 360) was the smoothness of the game. You don’t normally see something this smooth run off of a console. The visuals were only the first piece of Rage that blew me away, though.”

The HD Room: “Rage has turned into all the rage at E3 2010 and for good reason.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “If Rage can run this smoothly on my 360, it will have the best graphics that the 360 has ever seen.”

Spawn Kill: “This is one of the best looking games that has probably ever been developed.”

Inside Gaming Plus: Interview with Tim Willits

Joystiq: “Rage is set to be one of the most visually appealing games we’ve ever seen.”

XboxAddict: “This is one that is going to be absolutly amazing.”

Big Download: Podcast discusses RAGE

A.V. Club: Day 3 Highlights

CBS News: Must Play List

Examiner.com: E3 Day 3 Overview

Giant Bomb: Preview from the theater.

PC Gamer: RAGE was one of the reasons PC Won E3.

Game Chronicles BLOG: Winner — Best Graphics

Game Focus: David from their staff selected RAGE as one of his Best of Show titles.

AusGamers: The most striking thing here is the visuals, and the game runs very smoothly on id Tech 5, now walking hand in hand with the Xbox 360, as if they were old friends.

PS3 Vault: “id could have stopped there and I would have walked out begging for an early copy of Rage, but the demonstration didn’t stop there.”

Digital Chumps: “…I think Rage is the best shooter of the show.”

Reader Comments

  1. RAGE!!!!!! This game is gonna be like every drug ever created all in one game for me!!! Of course I have never done any drugs but thats not the point!! This game looks amazing, I do hope looting is a challenge. In Fallout 3 loot was everywhere.

  2. RAGE is the best looking game on Xbox 360 so far (’till the Doom 4, of course). It’s graphics is stunning, and gameplay looks smooth, responsive and fun. My most anticipated game of 2011.

  3. Very fleshed out with a world and intricate detailed weapons that look like they could actually be built. Excellent sense of impact on the weapon hits and the mega texturing looks beyond words awesome. Sound effects also feel just right from what i could make out.

    Vehicle combat is big adrenaline rush to watch. Love how they can take so much damage. Its like playing a 3dshooter and racing game in one.

    This is gonna be fun.

  4. “Twitch shooting” with a controller? Sorry but that just made me laugh :)). In this time I’ll take what I can get and it looks like It won’t disappoint, but “twitch” died when Microsoft released Halo.

  5. Game looks amazing. And i cant wait to play it.. for now i ‘ll stick to quakelive untill rage comes out, and who knows.. maybe the MultiPlayer will be better : ) *slim 2 none* to be honest.
    SinglePlayer looks great and i love how much effort in detail they put into it.
    And its about time ID starts making games that have an appealing story line in it.

    I just went through all those awards and mmm.. some of those sites that give out awards make no sense to me what so ever.
    Game chronicles blog gave mafia2 best overall game but they didnt give mafia2 best sandbox award or best sequel award ?
    Same for IGN, they gave portal2 the most awards of all games and yet rage wins best overall game of the show ?
    I guess awards are kind of overrated then : )