Brink E3 Roundup: Making a Splash

E3 was the first time many journalists had the chance to go hands-on with Brink, and in spite of its great showing last year, the multiplayer shooter managed to surprise once again.

During the show we had three-player demo stations set up nextdoor to our massive 33′-tall Founders’ Tower statue (as seen here), all supporting a steady stream of pressmen and women. Lucky for you, a lot of them went home, sobered up and wrote about their experiences.

Check out some of the videos, previews and interviews we’ve seen so far:

G4TV has a Live Demo and a written preview where the game is described as “very, very fun.”

GameTrailers Video Walkthrough

GameSpot Stage Demo, Hands-on Preview: “Before jumping into the multiplayer map we had a brief look at the character customization. In the space of a few minutes we turned our character from a Mohawk-sporting, tattoo-wearing, chain-sporting punk into an Upper East Side prep-school kid with an off-putting British accent (yes, you can change characters’ accents). Suffice it to say that we had a lot of fun with this aspect.”

1UP Preview: “The demo I got to play at E3 was pretty short, and very introductory, but between the thoughtlessly fluid motion, unique look to its characters, and Borderlands-like experience and leveling, I genuinely regret that it wasn’t a lot longer. I’ll be paying a lot more attention to it in the future.”

IGN Preview: “On paper I’m sure it sounds like any other multiplayer customization you’ve seen in the past, but Brink sort of takes things to a whole other level.”

GameSpy Preview: “Brink, on the other hand, feels like an equal opportunity shooter, bringing elements of a single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer together to create an innovative (I stupidly didn’t use my wall-climbing, rail-hurdling acrobatic skills nearly enough) entertaining whole.”

GameInformer Preview: “On the surface Brink may look like many other shooters you’ve played, but once you get your hands on it the difference hits like a grenade-launcher blast.”

411Mania Preview: “Overall, the game was fun and looks like it will offer a strong multiplayer experience.”

Movie Stinger: “We saw a lot of new shooters at this year’s E3 and one of our favorites was Brink, a game that’s introducing a ton of new features that could revolutionize the FPS genre and is definitely not one to be missed.”

Inside Gaming Interview (Machinima): Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood

Gamer’s Guide to Life Interview: Paul Wedgwood

Kombo Interview: Lead Writer Ed Stern

PlayStation Nation Podcast: Hands-on impressions.

Switched: Includes Brink as one of their “Hidden Gems” of E3.

AFP: Highlights Brink (and RAGE) as must-play games.

GameStooge:The best compliment I can possible make about Brink is that it’s turning out to be everything we hoped for when we were first shown the developer demo a year ago.”

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