New Vegas E3 Roundup: Preview Fallout (Updated)

It was all bright lights and blue skies in our hands-on E3 demo of Fallout: New Vegas’ Mojave Wasteland and Vegas Strip zones. Dozens of Fallout-starved gamers clogged our stations all week for a chance to play, and now we’ve got the full report on their reports.

Megatons of live demos, previews and interviews follow:

GameSpot Live Demo

1UP Live Demo

GameTrailers Live Demo Part 1, Part 2, Interview

G4TV Live Demo

IGN Live Demo

USA Today Hands-on Impressions: “Fallout 3 delivered an enriching experience thanks in part to an intriguing cast of characters living in the Capital Wasteland, and Fallout New Vegas seems to hold to that concept very well.”

IGN Preview: “The New Vegas Strip in the upcoming follow-up to Fallout 3 is a lot like the real Vegas–full of false hope and desperate people. For a world decimated by a nuclear war, New Vegas is about as glitzy as it can get.”

The Escapist Preview: “Much like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas will end when it’s over, but Obsidian is taking steps to make it easy for players to go back and keep playing once they’ve seen how everything wraps up.”

Eurogamer Preview: “This may not be Fallout as you’ve never seen it before, but it’s certainly Vegas as you’ve never seen it, and exploring this world looks like being an awful lot of fun.”

G4TV Preview: “Leaving the neon confines of Vegas provides a much more hardcore experience. Out in the Nevada countryside, life isn’t about card games and show girls. There’s a grim war in progress.”

Destructoid Preview: “Cheating’s not the only way to turn the tides in my favor in casinos. As in real life, there’s a little luck involved — the game’s luck skill will play a big role in how often you’ll win big on the slots, what cards you’re dealt, and more.”

Joystiq Preview: In short, if you loved Fallout 3, you’ll probably love New Vegas just as much. But if Fallout 3 didn’t kickstart your GECK, the new setting doesn’t seem like it changes the gameplay all that much.”

Kombo Previews: “The world of Fallout: New Vegas is strikingly different from that of Fallout 3.”

TeamXbox Preview: “Just because the nukes have gone off doesn’t mean that the strip has lost any of its shine.”

Just Push Start Preview: “For fans of Fallout 3, New Vegas is something to be on your most wanted list. It plays like Fallout 3 but the new features it offers and the new story are the things I’m most excited to find out.”

The Onion AV Club: Fallout: New Vegas is Fallout 3 in the West, and that’s fine with me.”

Digital Chumps: “…if New Vegas is going to offer tweaked mechanics under the context of an entirely different story, sign me up, please.

News10 Interview with Jason Bergman

The Escapist Interview with Larry Liberty

Kombo Interview with Larry Liberty

GamePlanet Interview with Chris Avellone

Reader Comments

  1. Amazing reviews. Lots of different info. Love the fights in different areas with the different moods aswell how weapons feel and sound. Like the trophy if one finishes FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS totally in Hardcore Mode.

    It should be fun punching a couple of drunks and just waltzing on by like, ” I DIDNT DO IT!” 😀

    Thank you for the ritual of advertising. The hype injection which always delievers Bethesda Obsidian true blue.


    seriously. go away and bide your time like every video game fan has to. do you think that this blog-tending Bethesda middleman is just going to run out and get them to code faster? you’re not special, and neither is TES.

    Fallout is special because it’s a well-made RPG that lies outside the beaten dead horse of Tolkein-influenced fantasy. i hope they STOP making TES V so that RPGs can be liberated from their fairytale chains and become a type of gameplay that everyday joes don’t instinctively laugh at.

    the fantasy genre has soiled RPGs since the days of pencil and paper. go run around in the forest with your faeries and trolls – we’ll be busy enjoying innovation in gameplay.

  3. @emilio
    Holy freaking crap dude maybe like 10% of people will agree with everything you just said, other than that they would burn you on a steak for dissing TES, and i would help. If any series is special it is TES. Fallout3 didnt even have too many quests, while TES games have Hundreds upon Hundreds, and better enemie design. not a few different robots and mutated animal thingies

  4. I would like to take a moment to thank the creators of “Fallout 3” and “Fallout New Vegas.” Thank You!! I beat Fallout 3 on xbx 360 and bought all the add-ons seperate. but i managed to unlock all 72 acheivement points. Can’t wait till New Vegas comes out, and if there is any way it can be released before 10-19-10 that would be good. Great Game, Thanks.

  5. Hey guys, knock it off. This is not the place to argue about petty opinions, nor insult the games that the hosts of this blog make.
    That video just blew me away, it’s amazing how different from FO3 that New Vegas is. What Obsidian has done so far with the small things: more interactivity, more animations, more guns, customizable guns, and more perks is mind-blowing. I’m really looking forward to this purchase. Hope to see more gameplay footage 😀

  6. I don’t understand why players can’t kill children. They are no different from adults and after encountering Little Lamplight in Fallout 3 I would have to say that most of those kids deserved to die more than the adults I found. I’m just saying.

  7. @Nathan: It’s likely because they don’t want to tempt the ESRB to issue an Ao rating, as that would limit games sales. As well as many countries having laws against said acts in games (such as Australia) and that would limit sales (remember that Morphine -> Med-X issue? Or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?). Pretty much- just too controversial.

  8. God Mode?!? One question; any cheats on the new fallout?? That would be sweet if it did. Can someone please try and figure this out? Or am I just S.O.L?